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Feeling Good?! or Feeling Bad?!

I started my new job for few days..... and today... I have to work independently..

but for me... I am not feeling good... cos I still not absoulutely and understand my job duties. although there's not a difficult jobs. I just need to handle all incoming calls. handle all outgoing mails, greet all the ppls ... and also... support my colleagues in back office.


Today. I really feeling bad. cos I done the wrong thing on one case. although my colleagues said nevermind on their mouth... I trust they must feel dissapoint on my ability...! they told me I still need the time to adapt it... but i really dun want to use longgggggggg time to adapt it . I hate that feeling...!


Gosh!!... suddenly i want to change my job again... what can I do now?!! I really dun think i am suit for office work...!

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Hie Smallcloud... I face the same prob like u...thats the main reason i wanna change job now...the difference between us is that u have more experience than me...maybe give urself a week, i think u will be ok then...JIA YOU
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dear xiao cloud, it's only been few days, give yourself more time. takes time to learn & adapt in new company. everyone makes mistakes, as long as u learn from it & don't make the same mistake again. don't think negatively. believe u can do it! take it as a challenge. huh, wanna change job again? continue for at least 1 month & see how it goes... if by then u really think it's not suitable, then change. jia you!
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Jessica & Michi, really thanks both of ur encourage... U know... I just work here for few days... and I never work in the office before... I may don't understand the "office culture"... welll... Just give me more time to adapt... I hope I will feel enjoyable in the future... PS:... One thing... I really enjoy cos I am able to get public holiday right now:P hoo...!!!
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Hi SmallCloud, I think it's better, I should place same message as below to you which I sent to Vanness before: here for you :- )When one wants to create something new or change something one always encounters difficulties but when the aims are achieved the satisfaction is greater and the experience more valuable. As long as you never give up your dream, difficulties turn into positive learning experiences. We are sure that you are more than equal to the difficult works. I hope you could find your challenging work : - ) Relax !!! ☆emicoco☆
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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