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Feel Touching!

Recently... I always play this in my IPOD...

This is recorded by one Japanese fans in V.DUBB My Kingdom Concert 2007.

If u liked F4, u must know how to sing this song....."Meteor Rain"


When I was small, I remember that I loved to listen many many Japanese songs, although I never learn Japanese, I still knew how to sing the songs...

As VanNess said before, there is no language barriers when we are listening music.

I trusted that every single F4 fans (or maybe F1 fans also...) must know how to sing this song... even u come from Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand................. those non-chinese countries....

I really feel so touching when I listening this song. cos u can hear most of the Japanese fans know how to sing it... I think VanNess also feel touching too:)))

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i love this song 這真的是認識小樣的開始啊 沒聽一次每感動一次 好羨慕你們在現場的感覺 就算是聽著音頻也會超級感到幸福 謝謝小云的分享 愛你哦
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Thanks for sharing Siz.. yeah everyone knows this song.. ahahahaha... i can feel that Van ness was touched hearing Japenese fans sings... and suddenly i remember him say in one of his concert here that they're amazed coz we can sing their songs...despite the language barrier...
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This song is the first chainese song that I became to sing...but ...don't laugh~because my pronunciation is bad~~~hahaha.
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thanks xiao yun...its really touching...king will feel that too...share wit u sumthing...last time, i am a "100% banana"(chinese that cant read and speak in chinese)...haha...now 50% banana...but in 2002, this 4 guys make me learn and even master the lyrics of this n oth songs wihtout any pinyin lyrics..of cos without lyrics cos i listen to their songs day n nite....haha...so, i m able to join them in singing...meteor rain and de yi shi jian by F4 were the 2 chinese songs that i m able to master in my life..haha...n now i m a fan of chinese songs and i m able to speak mandarin..thanks to king and f3..that was the big changes in my life...and this songs really meaningful...i like them since the 1st time i saw the mv of this song...
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Thank you SmallCloud for sharing. It's really impressive, sweet and beautiful memory. I realize again, he speaks very natural Japanese. Do you know I mean.....Vanness speaks Japanese with his emotion. Up until now I listened several his Japanese song at the concert. All of them are better than original for me. Not technic.....I can't find the words to explain...... He is absolutely special person : ) ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRR6Dl5BG8E&mode=related&search= ← May be you have already watched. ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhrgFHN9I9Q ttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kEq5Qnle0I ← Hideaki TOKUNAGA, Vanness said in Japanese magazine interview that he used to listen his song.
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牵你手,跟着我走.. ...... 陪我去看流行雨落在这地球上... ..... 你会看见幸福的所在... .... 激动激动....!!!
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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