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F4 New Songs


I took this video @ Vic's fans meeting on 1027

In the function, they broadcasted some movie abt new drama.

I am quite looking 4ward after I watched this. cos Zai was really really cute in it.

And pls listen... the background music is F4 new song!!!!!

Wow~~~ and I really got the great feeling after I listened it.

cos the style is totally different:) (not only love song feel...)

wow... I hope I can hear the clear version ASAP...!


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thanks xiao yun...haha...got lots of excited background sounds...haha...walao, i cant wait for that drama...zz is so cute and my ken so cham, get a punch from King1...whr is VanN??hehe...i love that songs..F4 MY HEART, MY SOUL....bt than, only managed to recon V voice only cos not clear....hehe..cant wait...
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thanks small for uplaoding the clip.. i was listening carefully to the new song..it was great.. hope to hear the also the clear version of the song
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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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