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Another J-POP that I liked before - DA PUMP

When I was in F.1 ~ F.2, that was my first time to know overseas music.

J-POP is one of my favour music.

At that time, I love many groups in JP or overseas


DA PUMP is one of the group that I liked


their first song - Feelin' Good It's PARADISE

I really love it very much! : )

Today, I suddenly found out the VCD that I have.

and listen their old songs again and again~

The vocal "ISSA" was ex-bf of SPEED "上原多香子" ~ : p

PS: this song almost 10 years already... release on 1998 ~

That's really unbelieveable : P

2008... They sang this song again


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Bleupluie 89 sono
ahhh Da Pump...i have one of their album, i think it's a compilation or something...i also don't know why i bought the CD, probably bcuz i went to SG and was at Tower Records, so i had to buy something! and since they were pretty hot during that time, so i got it...hehe, their songs are pretty good even til today's standards...
almost 12 years ago
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Yeah~ my first time heard their song is from my frd's home, at that time, she was super love them, and I listened their songs, really pretty good!! Unluckily I cant found their ablum in HK, i just buy their MV VCD released by avex HK... but ~ still cool~ they are really hot at that time! : )
almost 12 years ago
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yes! they are cool
over 11 years ago


I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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