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【Fresh MV】罪與罰 MV - Sammi Cheng feat. Van Ness Wu

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C36WH5pMyas

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【Radio Ver.】罪與罰(國) - 鄭秀文 feat. Van Ness

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5zhY0ShGLg

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Please Join VIFC's facebook page :)

吳建豪國際後援會 VIFC - VanNess Wu Internetional Fan Club

Here is the VIFC facebook's page :) We will keep update the latest news...Read more

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Taiwan & Japan... I love them :)

In past few weeks, I went to Taiwan and Japan...

Same Reason... and for same person... VanNess Wu...

20Feb,2010 - 22Feb,2010

This is the sudden trip for me... I get noticed that Mr V held the fans meeting 1 week before... I immidiate arrange my days off from my colleagues... and really thanks to my lovely colleagues too :) I arranged the accomodation immidiately... and my Japan friends fuzuki and yuki-yuki were staying wz me too :) Thanks the hosts of the accomodation, they are rea...Read more

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I haven't update here for a while~ Because my english is really not good... So... A little bit lazy to keep update here... Actually... It's quite busy in pass few months...

Started from October, I had a great different change on my work. I backed to serve my company's flights... How busy everyday everytime... From the early morning... to lately night... never stop... I am being a professional check in machine... I felt really upset at the begin... because there were many many difficulties waiting for m...Read more

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Happy Birthday to MR V

August 7,2009 arrived already...

One year passed ... everything seems change a lot

Dear VanNess,

Same as before, I would like to write your birthday wishing here.. even you can see or not... This really doesn't matter. :) Cos I would like to share my feeling to every V friends here :)

Ummm... 8 years already, That's really a long long time that I started to support you.  And you are already achieve your dream working style step by step. This is really not that easy. Maybe this is the most lucky f...Read more

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Happy Birthday to my lovely mom : )

Today is my lovely mom "18 years old" birthday~

This year... I decided to give her a big suprise.... there is.........

haaa... for my mom.... This is surely big suprise...

because I dun know how to cook... and rarely to cook for myself too...

...Read more
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VanNess @ Breeze Centre Clips BY Seed Music

Thanks Seed Music Provide the clips

Video 1 : VanNess attended Breeze Centre Night 2009


Video 2: VanNess introduce 3.V.O.7



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Touching Voice - Susan Boyle

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9lp0IWv8QZY

Storngly recommend you watch this video clip

The hottest singer in Great Britain right now...

I love her voice very much!


Let's us to reflect on your life...

Aren't we judge people by the age and look?

Aren't we judge people good or not by their outlook?

Aren't we non-stopping to hurt some ppl without good looking ?

 Read more

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3/5 to 6/5 @ Taipei

Thanks my colleagues helping me.

I fixed my day off from 3/5 to 6/5, I can go to Taiwan for K.F.C promotion : )

I really feel so lucky enough because I met him on my birthday before 2 years

This time is nearby my birthday, that's already a bonus for me : )

I will be back to HK on 6/5 cos I will celebrate my BIG DAY with my lovely family : )


Right now,

air tkt is K.O (check loading already, the chance is not bad : ) ))

hotel K.O (reserved nearby the 紅樓)


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I Love TAIWAN!!^^

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