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Daniel Henney Feast....

I have no words to add to this... But i REALLY hope you girls don't suffer an aneurysm.......Read more

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Bush Fires

So I had my friends 21st on the weekend and as i was driving there i decided to pull over on the way home and take some photos of the aftermath...   There was one part of the road where I was looking over the hills and it was just all black, SO many people lost their homes and everything... Any houses that WERE there, are now just a slab of concrete... Apparently at one stage the firs traveled 20 kms in 2 mins.. I remember how HOT and windy that day was, its no surprise.Was very eery .. and i wish i had ...Read more

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Make sure your sitting down...

Ok... My google search engine has been going into overdrive... Whoever has been following this blog.... I am having a little challenge with Busa... Aka Jaz...:P LOL...(That was ...Read more

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One for the girls.....:P

Sooooooo I have to keep googling this pic to show you girls... now.. I had a SLIGHT heart attack ~ but i have recovered (yes yes, Im fine Ai... ) his pose is slightly awkward... but Pfft... does it REALLY mater..?? NOOOO  His English is SOOO freaking kawaii.. its really broken, and he has the most divine lips and smile... He seems really earthy and sweet... and single!!! (correct me if i am wrong... i haven't stalked him in a while )  Oh and w...Read more

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Pissed off

Ehh... one thing about me... is i am VERY organised... everything has a place... everything needs to be straight and folded right... there is a home for everything... so if you ever walked into my house... it looks like a display home LMAO ~ UNLESS.... i have had a party or guests there will be shit everywhere. Ok... so today Im bored... I have done all i needed to.. so i thought.. okay.. I will play PS... guess what? Its DEAD... Read more

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SOOOO Aussie....

Just HAD to blog this..... 

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My Holiday...

So Hi... and Welcome back Mel...  Yes yes, I had an AWESOME time... Always goes too fast... but i promised id add photos on here.... so... lets see how we go... I spent 2 weeks up North Australia at Broadbeach... the weather was great for the 1st week, and then.... after leaving fires back home in Victoria, there was a cyclone coming down the coast... so the second week made the beach too choppy and was WAAAY too windy to surf, let alone go to the beach at all... was still humid though, coming back ho...Read more

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Melbourne Fashion Festival!!

SOOOOOO exciting....

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Hey Everyone..

Yes, im still away... Having a GREAT time.. Very relaxing... had a big night last night... sways Lots of stories and photos to share when i get back... SOOO tanned!! Woohoooo

Im home in a week!!

Take care and stay safe!!


Mel xoxox

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Bye for now!

So I am going away for a couple of weeks... I hope that I can get some wireless internet where I'm at... so i can keep checking up on you guys... So make sure you leave me lots of loving so i feel loved and missed!! heheI will make sure i am thinking of you while I'm at day spas and tanning on the beach!!!Take care and stay safe!!!Melx

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\"Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my ene

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