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This is a VERY random blog... I grabbed my camera and took some photos around the house  last night... and here is it.... OMG how cute are these Cons???? I bought them for my daughter and they have BLING Chandeleirs on the omg... sooo kawaiiRead more

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its a quickie ~!

Um... not much to say... but maybe there is a few things... 1~ I have been told by men/boys/guys... (I am too intimidating) WTF?????? Is it my height????? I cant help it? and i must admit since i been going to the gym, i got confidence....:p Ok guys WTF... amd i really THAT bad???? 2~ and... i have a massive business deal on the horizon! yay about freaking time!!! ~ more to come SOON!!!3~ AND MY sister Brandy is...Read more

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Dont bother reading this...

This reminds me of stupid Chain letters and No you cant MAKE me do it, but i was tagged to do it by 5 so called friends... sooo, you just want to know my juicy secrets, and i dont know id i want to be totally honest with it... but... here goes..... (id rather sticks wasps up my ass that fill this out, and i mean really ....lol)  How BORING Im not going to "Tag" anyone to do it, its too long LOL..... SO here you go ppls..... Read more

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My Weekend....

Massive weekend, i had a 21st up in NSW... so i worked Saturday and had to fly up there. Then got home Sunday and had another party at my best friends house for his partner who has just finished a production "Miss Saigon" and the last show was yesterday, so any excuse to catch up with friends and be social is great. I must admit, i was pretty exhausted as i didnt get home until 2;30 am the night before, (or morning make that) and then had to do it all over again...Anyway, took some photos o...Read more

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Kame likes to hold hands ??

Belkie showed me this a while ago, and i laugh SOOO hard every time i watch it... so i thought i would share it   oh my Ueda is soooooo Kawaii 
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjaaY7gV56o

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Survey I don't recommend you do it !

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Hi all... hope you all had a good weekend.... So my stumping is finished now i have to wait 4 months before i can do any more works to make sure the foundations have settled... SO it looks like a squat! lol I have a male friend who is going through a marriage break up and he often comes over and has a beer to vent frustration and pain... I am a good listener and try and do what i can to help him. Last night he came over and started saying he doesn't know how he will ever be able to love again and all th...Read more

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I have been listening to this allot lately... Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70AgyIEnBRERemember those walls I builtWell, baby they're tumbling downAnd they didn't even put up a fightThey didn't even make up a soundI found a way to let you inBut I never really had a doubtStanding in the light of your haloI got my angel nowIt's like I've been awakenedEvery rule I had you breakin'It's the risk that I'm takin'I ain't never gonna ...Read more

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Tuesday Blog

Hi Everyone... Just a quick blog, coz now the walls in my office are caving in! yikesGot up said a quick hello to a few friends then went and had to go the "Officeworks" to get some printer ink and an invoice book(I have a HUGE infatuation with stationary LOL  I LOVE it ) Im a little behind on my tax OOPS! So, I payed a HUGE tax bill, then i went to pay for my items at the stationary shop it was j...Read more

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Renovation update

So into week 2 or 3 i think, half the house is lifted and omg what s MESS!!!   I am SOOO anal with cleanliness... and I am getting an eye twitch when the guys arrive everyday... anyway, the walls are now falling in because of the old lathen plaster...(the old houses have it, sheet plaster is WAY better)  and was even in my fucking BED last night... GAH... 
I might just take off overseas for a few months till its all done.... (but i wouldn't trust they would do it MY way... my rule, my way ...Read more

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\"Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my ene

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