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Facebook quiz... :P

Pinup_girl_sea_profileyou have charm..always so fashonist and elegant that everybody admires you! sometimes u are way too much friendly especially with guys, but you always do everything honestly.. you are trustable also if it doesn't look like!

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don't get a skippy mad! :|

Very upset... trying to watch " A love to kill" .......now... one thing..... Rain is as hot as melted butter... (ok... Mira you say he has fish eyes, but GIRRRRL if he was looking in YOUR eyes, damn,,, no comment, coz he is gonna be looking in mine)....  LOL ~ but I CAN'T get past ep 5 part 1 pout pissed off...  Belkie HELP!! help helpThats all.... ..Pic of a pissed off Aussie...... take it and NOT leave it......Read more

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Cheesy Pick up lines....

I couldn't help myself and had to post these..... Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?You're like a prize winning fish... I dont know whether to eat you or mount youMy love for you is like diarrea..it never ends! ~ OMG LMAO WTF?Do you raise chickens?... cause you sure did raise my c@ck! ~ OMG LOLSomebody better call Animal Control because I just spotted a fox. Read more

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My humor is strange to some....

This made me LOL hard!!! I was feeling a little flat, when this commercial came on the tv... now, really, its VERY stupid... but at the end when he lifts his arm up at the beach and the girl panics... THATS when i was LMAO....Video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvPl7jMOYuI

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Knee jerk reaction.....

Hi Everyone, Who is actually bothering to read this.  So... I do this thing, and 2 of my buddies on here KNOW i do it... When something doesn't work my way or i get pissed off.. I take it out on my hair... NOW, this seems pretty extreme, but its not really... I mean i AM a hairstylist, and i change my hair so often... I have been black, red, and mostly i go back to blonde  So... last week, I wanted one side clippered off at a number 2 guard... ...Read more

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Sunday Morning...

Sunday... Its early, I need sleep! My plan was to go to bed, sleep.. wake up, then go back to bed.. get up eat, then hibernate some more.. My head is buzzing with ideas and excitement. I cant close my eyes to rest.. too much happening. When i DID sleep i had a really bizarre dream. I was at my friends Jake's house last night (that was real, i did go there) and in the dream, i was sitting on the couch and i noticed a baby grand sitting in the corner of a dark smokey room.I got up, and pulled up a seat and started to play... I haven't...Read more

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Hi People... I haven't really been on AnD lately, but i have been trying to keep up on everyones feeds.... Its very time consuming i have decided...Well things are great... I am really happy, and loving life... Some random things.. One... I think i wear WAAAY too much black... seriously... take a look at one (yes, i have 4 ) of my clothes hanging racks... LOL When its washing day (laundry) Its like Im an Italian in mourning... Read more

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Thanks to ALL my Friends and Fans!!

Would have been so cool to have 2 clean numbers.. 30,000 and 1,000... but it was SOOOO close...and drum roll it was Loan!!! woot wootCongratulations Loan Trinh  http://www.alivenotdead.com/loantrinh My 30,000 Visitor Read more

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Defense Mechanism

Id be interested to know how other fellow AnD member cope in times of stress or hurt. We all have our own Defense Mechanisms, and i wonder how different people cope.... I guess some people might eat, drink, smoke way too many ciggies, become short with people, hate yourself, cranky, punch the bejeezers out of the next person who even LOOKS at you the wrong way...Read more

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\"Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my ene

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