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This week


Hello all....

  I have to say, i used to blog at LEAST once a week, so to get another one so soon, is rather exciting that I have found 5 mins to stay focused on one thing... 

 Ok, so i have a MAJOY Christmas Party on this Saturday night...  I have the shoes (of course)  and now i need to find a dress, I will go with black, and I’m thinking strapless, boob push up and in tight around the waist, then, either, coming out, or just straight... not sure yet, i have a few gorgeous boutiques around where i live, but last time i went looking, i was sad to see the dresses i liked were in excess of $700AU, and at this time of year, i just cant justify it...   In saying that, I bought one on the 50-limited T's that Andy designed for SwishSwosh.com and won last week!  YAY, go Andy!!  And to get that posted here to Aussie, cost me as much as the shirt HAHA,  oh well, its pretty special, and i know there won’t be ANYONE else, probably in Australia, that will have one... So its worth every cent, converted from pounds of course.... anyway, I will post some pics of that when it arrives, Id say next week. 

 Last weekend, i had soooo much on, I need sleep, I’m not sleeping well, and it sucks donkey balls, but, im getting used to it... (still had time to look after my Farmville crops! LMAO)

  I FINALLY got over being sick (was sick with the flu for 3.5 weeks, and had 2 courses of antibiotics) PHEW, now i can try and get back to some normality, I remember Justice telling me when I was sick, NOT to work out coz your body needs the energy to get better, well, I’m stubborn, and i still ran, and i wish i didn’t, coz after that i got sicker! LOL Rolls eyes I will listen next time, I’m not Rocky  So, I’m on a detox again.... Protein only..... 

 I have PILES of paper work to do for work, TAX & BASS grrrr, Everything that can make a noise is… fax, mobile, phone, PM’s. emails… OMG~!



Who is good with numbers and wants to do it for me? I will cut your hair for nothing LOL  I need a new Junior, and a senior hairstylist.... I had my new girl form the UK leave, she hated the pressure, and said her work wasn’t up to mine... so she felt she had to go... WTF,  "hello", that’s NO reason to leave... Jealousy is the worst thing ever.... I’m no angel, I get jealous, but not with someone being better than me, that’s for sure, I have educated over most of the south of Australia, teaching hairstylists how to cut and color hair... SO i have the experience. I started my apprenticeship when i was 15, and was working in salons since i was 13, I worked my ass off... from 15 I was working till open close everyday, usually 8:30am to 9pm, from Tuesday to Friday, then 8am - 5pm Saturday, Mondays i did trade school, from 9am - 4pm, then went straight from trade school to the salon to help the senior staff. I then was working on Fashion shows, and photo shoots, i was ALSO doing modeling myself, in any spare time i had... I started entering awards at 15, and have won about 60+ probably more...  SO the experience and successes of what i do, cant be said that I’m better, because im not. I still learn, I learn everyday; I still have to be patient working with a salon full of bitchy 16 year olds and raving queens....  WOW, i COMPLETLY went off track then....... 

 Is FB Banned in China? I have my best friend G, in Shang Hai, and I’ve just sent her Christmas card off, and i noticed she hasn’t been on FB for AGES! I guess it has... O_o

 Yes, so... I will have another blog nest week! My T should have arrived, and I will have plenty of photos from this rather Glamorous Christmas Party from Saturday night…. I feel a head ache already….

  Here are some photos from this week 


Much Love


Mel x

EndFragmentInnocent?  This mask I used for a model back in 2007.... Im keeping it 

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See? The lesson is, when yer sick, always listen to Dr. Lumpy :)
over 10 years ago
Photo 250553
Be dressed up and shiny on the party! Merry Christmas and A Peaceful and Prosperous New Year! Perry
over 10 years ago
Photo 31055
I'm loving your blog especially when there's pictures, shoes and hair talks involved!!! 1. Feel guilty you just said that about the black, little dress cuz I just folk out that much to replace my 10 yrs old D&G one with one exactly...almost like it...the satin tiny dress DG famous for, wanna see it!? So can't help you there but whatever you just bought, me want pics. 2. Sleep is a must to maintain that beautiful face of yours...so sleep first, blog later :) 3. Tax & Bass, can't help you there...I'm terrible with number but I wish you a world of lucks because I just experience sh!t loads of the same thing...painful... 4. You don't need that girl. Honestly, I don't like difficult employee doesn't matter how talented they are; you'll find another in no time =P 5. I have lots of troubles accessing random site. I'm not active FB-er but I have no problem getting FaceBook on my BlackBerry (Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Beijing) & so does my friend from Melbourne on her iPhone.
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Photo 152831
Love the mask and your bracelets. You rock Mel <3
over 10 years ago
Photo 152831
Love the mask and your bracelets. You rock Mel <3
over 10 years ago
Photo 322961
Eni! yes, Mr Lumpy is always right... :P Perry ~ You too hun, i wish you happiness and good things~ always :D Elle, sis! ~ Is the pope catholic? lol , yes i want to see the D&G dress! ~ haha, beautiful face, you might need glasses... :P ~ yeah I'm guessing its banned... Anyway, i call her lots, but i forget to ask.... :P How are you anyway? I hope your well? :D *hugs* Jac~ you are always so complimentary, yet, you are the glam one :D Thank you for your compliments... :)
over 10 years ago
Photo 23166
over 10 years ago
Photo 217949
Looking sexy in the last pic! *no homo intended*
over 10 years ago
Photo 43083
Love the "mask" photo ~ kinda reminds me of that Tom Cruise - Nicole Kidman flick "Eyes Wide Shut" ^_~ And have begun 2 catch-up on blogs .. pg 31, 2nd entry :P
over 10 years ago


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