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Salon Christmas Trees

Hello AnD Family....Here are the salon Christmas Trees i worked on yesterday.... I used 2 packets of lights to wind around the tree base, attached balls with fringe pins  and then i changed the lighting... the floor lights, i changed them to red and the spotlights OVER them are also red...  I haven't taken any of them at night, but i might drive over there tonight and show you them lit up  And me, waiting for my ride... ~ Mel  x

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Photo 321088
I'm not hungry this time. I no longer see apples and pears, lol.
over 9 years ago
Photo 31055
Forget the tree, I want those shoes :-) I feel like ages since I last talk to you. How are you sis?
over 9 years ago
Photo 154456
Cute christmas tree ! :)
over 9 years ago
Photo 152831
Cute Christmas tree. First time seeing one shaped like that, I like. I think if I had one as such, my cat won't go jumping on it :p Lovely shoes and toenails :)
over 9 years ago
Photo 143484
Ohhhhh this is the one u were talking about.This is one of the very cute Christmas trees that I have ever seen. I told u before that I like ur those sexy long legs and to tell u very honestly I am drooling on them now :D
over 9 years ago
Photo 322961
Eni ~ lol Elle ~Yes, been super busy. You know hoe it is... I like my shoes too, although, they are getting a little old now... :( Belkie ~ Ty :D Jac~ Thanks hun :) Thomas~ Yup, this is the ones... LOL... don't drool, you might ruin your keyboard :P
over 9 years ago
Photo 143871
Waiting for your ride...talking to me hehe!
over 9 years ago
Photo 29346
Very interesting looking tree. I hope Thomas cleaned the drool of your legs. That's disgusting lol, you dirty man!!!
over 9 years ago
Photo 43083
Those are really CUTE sandals ... looks like ankle wrap ... me likey :) *Snickers @ Thomas' comment* :P
over 9 years ago
Photo 217949
very nice decorations~ and I love those heels~
over 9 years ago


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