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Parcels and Parties :)

Hello...Busy, busy during party season, as is everyone... Had a fab time at the christmas party on saturday night, got home around 2am.... Didn't have time to get a new black dress, (sorry Elle, i know you were excited to see it )  Here are some photos.... ~ In the Taxi on our way... i had a few friends over beforehand to have a couple of drinks together... Yes STRANGE face, i had just put on lip gloss, you know what its like girls.. My friend Darren's house, where it was held... was his and his partners party Disco balls in the lap poolMasks that the waitresses wore. I said to Darren, I was a title concerned of WHAT kinda party it was if people were wearing these... reminded me of "Eyes Wide Shut" The trees in the back ground look prettyI LOL-ed then at how long my fingers are A brunette Anna Nicole Smith!? omg Oh Mira, this is the guy Adam who has been trying to get down my pants for 15 years... as you can see the girls thought it would be terribly amusing to take  a photo at how thrilled i am talking to him LMAO  Guys, if your getting THAT look, best go elsewhere .....:PMy Heels I had a call from the salon today, actually i have had 2... on my day off, i didn't mind the 1st one, because they called to say i had 2 parcels to collect, so i went straight in, to find a box from Belkie !!! Inside... was.... I LOVED the note you sent with it B... ESPECIALLY the photo of Rain , you know when your friend knows you THAT well huh!? LOLThis Calender~ the images are SOOO beautiful! Its making itch to travel!! This is Charlie bear! He is SOOOO soft and adorable.. I love his face How gorgeous is he?Bel, thank you SOOO much, you are a great friend, and there was no need to Thank me for being here for you, thats my job, to look after my mates! <3~THEN my T arrived ALSO!!!!  The one Andy designed and won on Swishswosh.com Oh, its SOOO cool...   Its actually one of 50, not 500.. So, yeah.. here it is!!! Cool huh? Talented guy that Andy This is all, hope you all stay safe and smile :)Mx

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Photo 154456
Heya I'm glad you liked the Bear... the brand is called Charlie Bears... his name is actually Jed Panda... but Charlie suits him too :) Your party looked like fun.... apart from that guy who was talking to you... you had a look on your face that said &quot;God am bored!! i wonder how i can get rid of this jerk!! &quot; :p
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Photo 143871
Well dont let that guy get in your pants he isnt to good lookin lol! That bear is so freakin cute!!! It so reminds me of Panda!!! Take a picture with the shirt on!
over 10 years ago
Photo 23166
omggggg wow i wanna go to one of those parties!!!!!!! :D
over 10 years ago
Photo 31055
That dress is hawk!!! The party look like something I would like to stumble into minus &quot;the&quot; Adam of course...with dress like that...no time to waste sista (^_^) Rather go home and cuddle with Charlie, the fluffy bear which btw super cute...
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Photo 390863
krazy amount of partying for a girl that is single and with a kid
over 10 years ago
Photo 5614
WOO! looks like a great party. =) lookin' pretty!!!
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Firce moi
aj aj karamba!!!! Have you recovered YET from all that partying your part animal ^_~. You dressed to kill, hot mama!! Bel is a darling, you should have seen the joker smile on my face when I got mine....totally happiness.n______________n Mine is called Galin ( Gack-Linda), couldn't help it...he he he. He is is the BEST company at night &lt;3&lt;3
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Photo 152831
Cool bear, and cool tee. I totally hear ya on the lipgloss thingy, hehe. Love your metallic heels. =)
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Photo 29346
Cute teddy!!! I agree the masks remind me of Eyes Wide Shut too...the girls look creepy in them, especially since the have the lower part of their face painted black. Love the t-shirt. Your shoes look like you made them out of mirror balls!!!
over 10 years ago
Photo 250553
The decorationg is cool and the girls are hot.
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Photo 217949
LOVE THE PIC MEL! You looking gorgeous as always! Love your Charlie bear too! i love mine! Bel is such a darling~
over 10 years ago
Photo 217949
love the party masks!
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Photo 43083
I agree about the masks ~ definitely &quot;Eyes Wide Shut&quot;-ish ... but then, I said the same thing about the black one in the other blog :D BTW ~ this blog is page 27, 5th blog feed :P
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Photo 31454
&quot; who has been trying to get down my pants for 15 years&quot; i knew you had nice long legs but this is rediculous :P haha the look you gave is priceless :D
over 10 years ago
Photo 323849
Dear your life still beautiful !!! Keep it up^^ cheers, fwei
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