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I have started to wonder about this so-called word “love”... Being in love, having 110% trust in a person…...

Is there one person on this earth for everyone? Is there sparks and instant attraction?

I had a discussion with a friend I have had online for 5 years or so.. He was asked the question of "can you fall in love with someone online" we my short answer is yes, I love my online friends as much as my "in person" friends... But of course there is not a physical/sexual connection with someone you can't touch.. So, some people fall "in love" online and get married! LOL... Don’t laugh, it happens.... don’t ask, that’s another story!! Sigh… So the short if the story is anything is possible. One thing I have learned is that there are a shit load of dick heads online.. And I seem to have met most of them... But fortunately I have been blessed with, I honestly believe some of the most honest loving friends I will come across.. Although, I'd like to think I could one day sit down and have a green tea with them, but that won't happen in most cases. LOL!! And doing shots on webcam with judy on the other side if the world isn't quite the same.  Nor is showing my new handbags or my belkie trifle to friend from the states to Scotland! Oops.. I'm rambling... Okay..   


I'm 30; I love lots of people, but I have my doubts that I have even in fact been in love. I'm not talking little crush when I was 14 and found my boyfriend kissing another girl behind the toilets...I have felt tremendous pain and hurt by people over the years, and put too much trust in people. I have no doubt felt  lust infatuation and desire....hence to follow that, felt hurt, scared, angry and extremely cautious.


I have a vision of the perfect man.. But I doubt there is such a person. Not that appearance is everything, nor is race, religion, age or beliefs.

That person who wants to know everything about you, that person who makes your heart skip a beat when you hear their voice or as they brush past you. The one who knows when to hold you close and just listen. The one you hang off their every word...That person who you would die for....

Life is so precious... Friends hold tremendous value!, no matter how far away they are. Life is a fascinating journey; Awaken and be aware in this world and its surroundings.. Be open to everything and anything.   

Like a friend said to me the other day "let me know when it starts raining men" LOL!!  ~ Oh don’t worry… I will!!!  

Maybe I watch too many love movies....;))...sigh we can dream....



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LMAO!! i love the story."AWESOME" Not speaking for only women but for men too... for some of us we are very conservative with love. Why? probably scared to be hurt again, not wanting to drop in the same hole again. Or just knowing we dont want to get hurt at the end. Well not speaking for those who dont have the tendency to love. To the question: "can you fall in love online" my answer is also 'YES' u can. How? bc the way they talk, the way how they describe themselves. Especially when the both of u spend so much time chatting, u think u two have so much in common. Then it dont matter how they look like cuz u think u found love. It's the same in reality. Well to conclude myself ahehehehe.... People come and go. Its up to u to choose who u want in ur life. DAMMIT! its ur world u decide, dont let them to make the choices for u LOL! *evil laugh*
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Hey Hey Never give up on finding the "perfect man" - he is out there somewhere. You cant force it, it just happens. Thats whats so wonderful about love. And please there is NO such thing as watching too many love movies :) lol
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L.O.V.E such a simple word but yet hard to feel and understand it. like Tina Turner ones said ' who need a heart,when a heart can be broken', lost count how many times mine have been broken. But since women are the most beautiful creation of God, and we are still aliveNdead and we are still dreaming and hoping find 'that' special some one who makes our heart skip a beat when we hear his voice, I know I do. ^__^ So all the ladies keep your hopes up and I will be heading to my drama and keep on dreaming. '(^_^)' Love, Drama Queen/ x x x x
about 11 years ago
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Interesting story about LOVE . I enjoy reading your blog . To me, love is still a mystic thing. Sometime it gives u happiness , sometimes with pain and anxious and conflict . I also agree with u that life is precious ,it's a wonderful journey , and I believe Friendship is much more esaier to get rather than REAL LOVE in reality . I don't know why Love is so hard to find , maybe I could make a movie about that subject someday . Glad you can speak some Chinese , 周末愉快 ~ Johnny
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