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Im expecting!!! Help me with names!!!

So, at the end of the year, i will be welcoming a new baby into my home... I am asking you guys to help me name her....This is what her sister looks like, and i assume she will look the same... She is a Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I have FINALLY been added on a breeders list after nearly 2 years, so the mum has just had a litter and they will skip her next season, and mate her at the end of the year....So, get your thinking caps on... and let me know... Any Chinese names would be beautiful, Im not calling her an Aussie name like "Axle" or "Hammer" LOL!!!!! 

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Hey Hey Found some pretty names..... Chinese: Xian-lian means Lotuscloud Ai-shi means being fond of poetry Jie-ling means quick witted Jiao means beautiful/ charming delicate Lihua means beautiful flower Japanese: Aiko means little loved one (now thats kawaii) Fumiko means child of treasured beauty Kazumi means harmonious beauty Kiyoko means pure child Yukiko means rare child A few to ponder (lol)
about 11 years ago
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awwww..SO CUTE!!! it has blue eyes! I wanna pet it!!! SO adorable!! *pets the head*
about 11 years ago
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SOOO KAWAII!!! HEN KE AI DE!!! *nice pic*!!!
about 11 years ago
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so cute!
about 11 years ago
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wa~~lovely blue eyes baby
about 11 years ago
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Love Aiko! ....
about 11 years ago


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