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Im back, but for how long.... :P

Wow, hi everyone! I'm so sorry

i haven't blogged for... um, almost 12 months? (PS, why did my font not copy the red above? lol) I'm too scared to look!  I know with 5039 feeds its been a while!

 So my last blog was probably not the most upbeat one, and left me thinking that life is way too short! It's still a shock to know that Belkie left us way too soon, and she was a girl i chatted to everyday and if i couldn't get hold of her on here, an email/txt and she would reply asap... I am glad to see she isn't suffering any more, because she hid so much from everyone saying she was great, when she really wasn't, and that was purely because she didn't want anyone to fuss over her or worry about her... Bless her heart. I think of her everyday you know, she sent me a teddy ( i knew a few of you girls did too ;)), and one of my kids has claimed it! :P (she knew that was going to happen i bet! lol)  RIP Lindy :) <3

So, in a nutshell, I am well, very well in fact and very happy. Life goes

on, and we all tend to ( well i know i do) end up flicking the auto pilot button!

I have learnt so much in such a small space of time... people lie way too much, and try to make out they are people they are not. People are impatient, sly and fake. The internet is a breeding pit for them....

SOOOOOOOOOOOO I just got back from 2 weeks in Thailand with my amazing man (yes, you special peeps on my FB will know this already :P) Was so good,we needed to get away! Went to a Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan beach ( for those who don't know what a full moon party is, and care to know, here is a link :)


 I felt about 80 years old when i arrived, soooooooo many gorgeous young, beautiful people! Ohh, you want some pics??? Ok :)

How lucky am i huh? :D Sooooooooooo, over and out from me. Sorry its been so long to the 80+ that follow......... :) <3

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welcome back and glad to see you happy!
almost 9 years ago
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Wooooooooo party!!!
almost 9 years ago
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Thanks girls ! :D
almost 9 years ago
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Great pic!
almost 9 years ago
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long time no see!and how every thing?
almost 8 years ago


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