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Im Alive... just... :P

So, I have NO excuses for being a slack ass and not blogging... (a few personl reasons) well, one might be because Peng has got me addicted to freaking Farmville on Facebook... Now, I tried it a while back and thought it was crap then, i guess i was bored and I got to like it now i have to check that everyday and harvest etc.....  LAME.... I NEED to get a life...  sheesh! If you want to add me on FB just PM me your email address and i will I just up loaded a heap of photos onto my computer so i could share some things with you all....I had a night out with the girls... erm 2 weeks ago... and dont ask why i look like a TOAD FISH FACE!? omg, allergic to Champagne maybe? lord help me if i am;;; LOL... eeeks scary! I was telling someone how big my roses were... well, they are HUGE and if i put one in my hand they might look tiny, coz i have big hands like Hulk.... ... soo sunglasses it was... I have over 50 roses in my garden, some of which are very old... The house is over 100, but i doubt if any are THAT old...I have started going grey! (no damn wonder the stress ive been under of late...)  soooo, i had to make sure i wasnt seeing things and i took a photo on SUPER MACRO to make sure it was clear... also, seeings its so damn clear, It looks like im going bald too OMG~ LMAO! and no, i havent gone lighter, just all the photos it looks like im black... Thats the color in the light, but its more of a chocolate i this photo it looks light brown... in other photos it looks black.... pfft, i dont know! Maybe the bathroom light makes it look that color... shrugs ~SEE THEY GREY ONE!!!!!!?????~Went shopping, bought 2 tees, which i might be trying to make myself look too young... (im 31 next week eeek) So, they might now be used as sleep attire.. :P I was thinking theyd be cool with tight jeans and heels, now im thinking i might look like a complete idiot.. Mimi has grown, and SO hard to get a photo with her keeping still...and... i literally took this photo 5 mins ago, its not re touched, just.... me,  no make up, messy house... and yes, IM ALIVE! Just need some make up and a tan Love to you all... sorry ive been slack..... puts hand out you can slap me Mel x(That only took me 15 mins to do... I will do more... sorry!!! ^^)

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Photo 23166
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melly you look so freakin hot without make up!!!~~Mimi is going to be so beautiful when she is full grown, she has that nice board staffy chest~~And I think its ok to wear your miss sunshine and mr. tall shirts besides to sleep in I love the mr. tall one, I would wear them out.~~I still cant belive how big those roses are!!! I dont think your hand would have a chance at being bigger then the roses.
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Photo 390863
dude the photos are pretty good, and the girls you be hanging with....krazy good looking
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Photo 23865
wow... those roses are really huge and pretty, never see roses that huge before. COOL, your garden must be very pretty. Oh no... hair... is always problem for me... geeesss... I like ya green tee ^^
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Photo 23048
wonderful old roses :) and welcome to the club with gray hairs - already got some few years ago ;)
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Photo 110774
I didn't see gray..I think you are fine:)..We are the same age and with all we've been through I think we sould be gray and look like we are 70,but we look pretty good I think.(except for the acne that pops up now and then,damn those)..you look wonderful..and I'm addicted to farmville too!..lol..rest and take care of yourself..you are just fine to pop over here to AnD when you can.
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Photo 154456
Omg Mel am sure i saw at least three gray hairs in that photo !! (lol just kidding :P ). Love the Tees, very cute :) The flowers are totally gorgeous. Mimi seems to get more adorable with each photo you take of her :)
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Photo 152831
You look lovely dear with or without makeup ;) The tees are cute, I can imagine you in them with heels and skinny jeans :)
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Photo 5614
the roses are pretty!!! =) they are huge... hehe.. great to hear from you!! OH! and cute tees!! ;)
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Firce moi
Ni hao my Chinese friend (=_=) Well as long you 'pop' in now and then we are HAPPY to hear that you are A'n'D...*grin* Please grey hair, where O_O? Remember I'm 2 years a head of you of getting grey hair so ZIP it....lol I don't know if its me or your camera, but can't stop wondering if you are eating well. Are you? o_o Your bones are poking me through the screen, go and a have a plate of pasta NOW (n_n). No you wont look like a completely idiot, I love those tees are kawaiii <3 I love little missy naughty and Mr Happy... What beauty product is Mimi using, coz she look flawless :)
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Photo 29346
I get white hairs...and I'm almost 23. So go figure. Like the Mr. Tall t-shirt, it's cute, not to mention green.
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Photo 227919
oh!! those roeses r cool!!! and nice t shirt~! i love 'em too :) cheers from Anne♥♥♥
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Photo 31055
You...silly you, I got grey years ago and you're making me feel old :-) Yup, I'm older than you....it's official. I love those tees. Got the Little Miss Messy and Miss Sunshine :)
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Photo 43083
Worried about small things, Mel ~ cover the grey with hair color ~ be glad you're not so petite that the only sizes that fit are in the teen section :P *smacks Mel's hand* u slacker u :P
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