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I know i TOTALLY suck, i haven't blogged in ages, let alone check my feeds, BUT i am getting better.... and yeah, well... no excuse... I've had some "personal" shit happen, a few of you know what I'm talking about, SOOOO I'm trying to get my life in order....   I have been REALLY sick for like, 3 weeks now,(like? now I'm talking like my friends, aussies don't say "like"  ) I went for a big run in the rain yesterday,(soooo shouldn't  be smoking...but, gah!)  it was SOOOO good! coz it the temperature was warm and steamy  (that was funny!)... yeah, and then i get sent home, by my OWN staff saying I'm too sick to work..... then i had one staff member leave... I really liked her, she was from the UK and i LOVED her accent... sigh dh dh dh ... another one bites the dust Nothing really "exciting" happens here, its summer, I LOVE summer, its been up to 36'c  (96.8'f) , i swim almost everyday, i am so blessed to have a pool, last summer it topped 47.4'c (117.32'f) thats when i lost my wabbit... awww, Miss  Flopsy over heated and died... :(.... sigh So yeah.... I had hair extensions for all that have said "OMG, your hair grew fast!" then i went and had eyelash extensions.... for what reason you ask?  i don't have  reason, i just wanted to... LOL All of my friends, on AnD and FB, i care for greatly, and there is one in particular, i care for sooo much for, he knows who he is...awwwwww <3 and yeah, LOL  thats it... Here are some photos.....this photo is SOOO random..... and awkward, oh well...these are Alvins heels, i am gonna send them to you... :PAlyson reckons i look like an Anime... funny  Yes its Xena the warrior princess!!!  Thats all, need SLEEP, I worked 8 hours, a client every 30 mins, and NO breaks! grrrrr.... OK, I'm done bitching... Night x

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Photo 142569
I like the 2nd picture the best!! You should make it your headshot on FB ;D
over 10 years ago
Photo 154456
Heya Mel Love the shoes !! :)
over 10 years ago
Photo 94189
pretty :D
over 10 years ago
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Aw, hope you feel better soon Mel. I did that a few weeks back, ran outside in complete downpour of rain and got myself soaked from top to bottom O.o Sorry to hear about your staff leaving :( Love your hair extensions. You can pull of any look. :)
over 10 years ago
Photo 321088
People actually thought your hair grew overnight? Um, PM me their names, there's some real estate I'd like to sell them on the cheap. :D feel betta esmeralda, lol
over 10 years ago
Photo 322961
Lmao @ Eni!! :D
over 10 years ago
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over 10 years ago
Photo 5614
nice hair extensions... =) hope you feel better soon... *hugs*
over 10 years ago
Photo 125492
beautiful :)
over 10 years ago
Photo 43083
Ya looks GREAT with long hair!!! :)
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