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Im back, but for how long.... :P

Wow, hi everyone! I'm so sorry

i haven't blogged for... um, almost 12 months? (PS, why did my font not copy the red above? lol) I'm too scared to look!  I know with 5039 feeds its been a while!

 So my last blog was probably not the most upbeat one, and left me thinking that life is way too short! It's still a shock to know that Belkie left us way too soon, and she was a girl i chatted to everyday and if i couldn't get hold of her on here, an em...Read more

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Yes, i AM alive.... not dead ;)

I am alive……….. !!!!!! Listen, last time I logged in to AnD, I had sooo many feeds I basically was like “oh shit, there are way too many”… ignore.Then today I thought I had better log in and I had 2644… yes, I know, I hear you say “way to go Mel, booooo” but I have been under a copious amount of stress and been soooo busy, so it was kinda easier in some way to plug away anonymity… My relat...Read more

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Parcels and Parties :)

Hello...Busy, busy during party season, as is everyone... Had a fab time at the christmas party on saturday night, got home around 2am.... Didn't have time to get a new black dress, (sorry Elle, i know you were excited to see it )  Here are some photos.... ~ In the Taxi on our way... i had a few friends over beforehand to have a couple of drinks together... Yes STRANGE face, i had just put on lip gloss, you know what its like girls.. Read more

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Merry Christmas

My 1st attempt at Christmas Pudding.... Mmmm my house smells GOOD Read more

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This week


Hello all....

  I have to say, i used to blog at LEAST once a week, so to get another one so soon, is rather exciting that I have found 5 mins to stay focused on one thing... 

 Ok, so i have a MAJOY Christmas Party on this Saturday night...  I have the shoes (of course)  and now i need to find a dress, I will go with black, and I’m thinking strapless, boob push up and in tight around the waist, then, either, coming out, or just straight... not sure yet, i have a few g...Read more

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Salon Christmas Trees

Hello AnD Family....Here are the salon Christmas Trees i worked on yesterday.... I used 2 packets of lights to wind around the tree base, attached balls with fringe pins  and then i changed the lighting... the floor lights, i changed them to red and the spotlights OVER them are also red...  I haven't taken any of them at night, but i might drive over there tonight and show you them lit up  Read more

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I know i TOTALLY suck, i haven't blogged in ages, let alone check my feeds, BUT i am getting better.... and yeah, well... no excuse... I've had some "personal" shit happen, a few of you know what I'm talking about, SOOOO I'm trying to get my life in order....   I have been REALLY sick for like, 3 weeks now,(like? now I'm talking like my friends, aussies don't say "like"  ) I went for a big run in the rain yesterday,(so...Read more

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Im Alive... just... :P

So, I have NO excuses for being a slack ass and not blogging... (a few personl reasons) well, one might be because Peng has got me addicted to freaking Farmville on Facebook... Now, I tried it a while back and thought it was crap then, i guess i was bored and I got to like it now i have to check that everyday and harvest etc.....  LAME.... I NEED to get a life...  sheesh! If you want to add me on FB just PM me your email address and i will I just up...Read more

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This made my day... A Facebook Quiz.. :P

track.pngtrack.jpgMel took the What type of shoe defines you? quiz and the result is You are denfined by BalenciagasYou have a bold, bright personality that shines through in everything you do. You are a risk taker and enjoy the shock value of what you do in life.Read more

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Busy, Busy...

Hi all, i check my GB most days and reply where i can, but i have atm 112 feeds! O_o... I WILLL get to them..... soonish... lol...2 photos... One is of this CUTE little charm thingie, i bought 2 weeks ago...And I was outside the other day, and was LOL-ing over this snail, that ...Read more

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\"Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it. I am going to use all my ene

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