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I am back!

Two long years had gone with the wind chasing after a dream.  I wonder why AnD has become a place of healing for me.  I joined in 2007 and that was a rather low point in my life too.  Regardless, I am glad that I still remember my password and username after two years! 

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It has been a long while!

Have I lost the ability to blog as I have not posted a single entry for months!   It has been a difficult half year.  Still not out of the woods yet but we are trusting in the Lord to guide and carry us through.  The past half year just confirmed how temporal life can be.  From the surgery, recovery, death of my favourite paternal uncle and the near death of my dad, I experienced over and over again the sovereignty of God.   More later as I need to rush things for tomorrow.  In case I don't make it here again before CNY, blessed...Read more

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Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness

Father in Heaven,

Thank you for the wake up call which you have sent through Bel.  I am thankful that You have not forgotten me and reminded me about Matthew 6:33.  Forgive me for my sins and for pushing you out of my life in the days of my busy schedule.  Help me Lord to draw a line among the priorities in my life and set aside time for You, alone.

I am grateful that You have given me the truths contained in the pages of Your Word, the Bible.  Schools and education can teach me to make a li...Read more

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Glory be to God

Nancy’s GESL* project is ‘The group organised a one-day Nature Learning camp for 100 students from four different primary schools to educate and raise their awareness of environment conservation.

She led her team efficiently in planning the activities and ensuring the smooth implementation of the project. Through this project, it helped to increase the awareness in students of the flora and fauna that is found in Singapore’s rainforest area and exposed students to authentic scenarios to apply science knowledge and concepts.

Su...Read more

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Home = Memory + Hope or it is in our genes?

I have been thinking a lot about the friends and kins who have migrated overseas lately and what my daughter said today prompted me to write this.  She has been talking about living in UK or Australia a bit too often so I asked her what is on her mind as this perplex me.  Before she could answer, I shared with her that in general my generation (X) believes that we should just get a job after completing our studies, settle down and have a family.  Life is here in the little red dot and most of us see "hope"...Read more

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Looking back and moving forward

This is the time of the year which I look forward the most as it means more time with family and friends.  Most of all, it is a time when I do some reflection of my life and set some goals for the following year.  2010 started with my posting to my daughter's elementary school and she found it amusing that I am now working side by side with her ex-teachers.  I survived the practicum and did relatively well for someone who has to juggle so many hats.  Finally, I landed myself in what I have wanted for the past decade.  The ...Read more

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After days of madness......

I finally can settle down to eat a meal properly after days of mayhem.  I am so tired now that I do not know what to do with myself.  What fascinated me was the endless engergy these littles ones have that can go on and on like solar engergy.  I have yet to figure out how to keep up with them without draining and burning myself out.    This profession is definitely not for the faint hearted.  In fact, it demands physical, emotional and mental strength on per second basis.  There are also many burdens which I cannot share with any ...Read more

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Mr R's long drive

Imagine driving up and down KL and the Little Red Dot ever other week.  Our work arrangement is entirely different.  While he drives 4 hours to work, it takes me only 4 minutes to get to work.  All I have to do is to make two left turns and two rights turns and I will be at my workplace.  I must take care that after the first right turn, I do not step on the accelerator any more as the car just roll down hill with the help of gravity. 

God grant Mr R and his colleagues journey mercy.


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He misses me!

For the first time, Mr R said he missed me over the phone.  WOW!  Just when I thought I married "Forest Gump" all these years!  Blessed, blissful, elated, esctatic, joyful, overjoyed, walking on air ......


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Absence makes the heart grows fonder

Mr R has been away in Shanghai and will continue to roam Malaysia till late next week.  I have been keeping myself busy with work but the void is still difficult to bear.  Yes, I miss him terribly.  It is a blessing that after all these years, our relationship as husband and wife is kept intact and alive.  Keep going. 

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