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  • The Book The Book

    Friday, Nov 28, 2008 9:44AM / Standard Album
    29 pictures / 1708 views

    The 148 page SKIN:INKS book was published to coincide with the first exhibition and as well as all exhibition artworks, contained a history of Hong Kong tattooing and a profile of each of the studios involved in the project.

    Design and Art Direction: www.chinastylus.com (Jay FC and Moni Leung)
    Photography: www.reddogstudio.com.hk (Timon Wehrli, Jon Tadashi Martin, Katy Pang, Isabell Chan, Steve Wong)

  • Partners Partners

    Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 3:16PM / Standard Album
    20 pictures / 1423 views

    A very big thank you to all the companies and individuals that give us so much support for the SKIN:INKS project - it wouldn't be possible wtihout you...

  • Media Media

    Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 12:13PM / Standard Album
    28 pictures / 1485 views

    The first exhibition and events got widespread support from the media in Hong Kong and abroad.

    Newspaper/Magazine coverage came from: Milk (HK), SCMP (HK), Apple Daily (HK), HK Tatler (HK), Prestige (HK), Face (HK), Next (HK), Time Out (HK), Tattoo Magazine (Taiwan), Taxi Design (Singapore), Lifestyle (HK), HK Economic Times, HK Magazine, Invasian (HK), Beats (HK), Hype Beast (HK) and IdN Magazine (International).

    The events and exhibition were also featured on Channel V (Regional), ATV (HK), RTHK Radio (HK), So-U TV (Regional), RTHK Television (HK) and Reuters TV (International).

  • Event TWO Event TWO

    Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 11:55AM / Standard Album
    52 pictures / 1957 views

    Over 600 people showed up to the first SKIN:INKS exhibition closing event, and were treated to a mini-convention with live tattooing by Gabe and Leon from Ace Dragon, Julia from Starcrossed, Joey from Temple and Omar from Magic Tattoo.

    The allegedly retired Dj Bodhi and the mighty Uptown Rockers supplied the tunes, while silky smooth superstar Michael Wong and the gorgeous Cara G hosted the event, with pro auctioneer Jehan Chu putting the artwork under the hammer.

    By the end of a long and messy night, we'd raised over HK$150,000 for youth outreach charity Kely Support Group.

    Thanks to our own Red Dog Studio and especially to alivenotdead.com's StayRudee for the awesome event pix.

  • Exhibition ONE Exhibition ONE

    Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 11:44AM / Standard Album
    27 pictures / 2130 views / 3 comments

    The first SKIN:INKS exhibition featured 26 canvases by 20 different tattoo artists from 14 of Hong Kong's finest tattoo studios and ran from June 13th through July 9th at RACKS in Central HK.

    The innovative format of the exhibition involved life-size semi-nude photographs on canvas that had been painted/drawn on directly by the tattoo artists. Each life size image was given to the tattoo artist along with a brief profile of their ‘model’ – name, age, occupation. The tattoo artist then used this ‘skin’ image as a blank canvas to create his/her artwork by drawing/painting directly onto the canvas.

  • Event ONE Event ONE

    Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 11:35AM / Standard Album
    28 pictures / 1932 views

    The 'low key' opening event for the first SKIN:INKS Exhibition took place at RACKS in Central HK on June 12th with Sam Lee, Miss Yellow and Bodhi supplying tunes for a crowd of over 300 celebs, tattoo artists, enthusiasts, supporters, TV crews and press...

  • Promo Artwork Promo Artwork

    Thursday, Nov 27, 2008 11:33AM / Standard Album
    12 pictures / 1381 views / 1 comment

    A selection of the flyers, posters, ads, invites, promos and other stuff we've created for the SKIN:INKS Project.

    Design and Art Direction: www.chinastylus.com (Jay FC)


  • A ChinaStylus / Red Dog Studio project, SKIN:INKS is an ongoing celebration of Hong Kong's tattoo art and culture....


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