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Blending Tutorial


1.  After initial placement of colors and sketching.  There are two ways I use, to blend in Photoshop, The SMUDGE TOOL and the SOFT ROUND BRUSH.

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New Prints available in the Shop

Please check it out new prints in the shop!

Siyanimation Shop

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Anne Rice’s “Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana” graphic novel

I will be the penciler for the upcoming graphic novel, adaptation of Anne Rice’s “Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana”. I am very honored in do many ways. Please check out the news link below for more info!


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Snap Trap! Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer is now available. Please drop by www.8bitgrenade.com for more info!

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Snap Trap! Teaser Trailer

This is the teaser for “Snap Trap” an upcoming iPhone game I am art directing. Stay tuned for the gameplay trailer!

Please visit 8bitgrenade.com for more info on the fanclub and contests!

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Fathom #1: Against All Odds

Available for purchase on the iPhone App Store, via Comixology.  All the proceeds from this book will go to the World Wildlife Federation to help save the wildlife affected by the oil spill.  Written by Vince Hernandez and drawn by Siya Oum ( myself).

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Shop now open!

Please visit the shop for quality prints.  I will have comics, original art for sale, and custom digital brushes, shortly.  There will be a videos section that will also include new tutorials, etc.

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From the video valt!

Sorry I didn’t realize I was left handed and was covering Spider-Man’s head, heh.

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Charismagic #4B Cover

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Site Revamp

I’ll be revamping the site to make browsing much easier on everyone, with new downloads, layout, art, and more.  Stay tuned!

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