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I got three medals at The 17th CMAT Tournament at UC Berkeley

I competed in the 17th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at UC Berkeley on April 11th.  I have to admit, I'm still relatively new to MA competition.  There really weren't many competitors in the traditional wushu category though, so I managed to get three medals: a gold, a silver, and a bronze.  If anything, this tournament was good practice for future competitions.  Although I put on a good show, I won by default in most of those events because there weren't any competitors to ch...Read more

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New Book On Triple Stick vs Spear by Rick Wing

I remember our teacher, Wong Jack Man, especially liked doing this form. Near the end of each class at Jing Mo was usually when he got into the two-person weapons sets. I remember him teaching this set with such enthusiasm. Sifu Rick Wing teaches it pretty much exactly how our Si-Tai Gung, Wong Jack Man, used to do it.

As with his previous book on Shaolin #5, you can actually learn the set from studying Rick's latest work, "The Classical Three-Section Staff".  It is clearly written and the ...Read more

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Jing Mo Photo Shoot

A while ago some of my kung fu brothers and I got together for a photo shoot in Golden Gate Park.  It was actually the first time I can remember getting together with these guys when we were all in our formal uniforms displaying our Jing Mo Athletic Group patches.  This never happens since we don't really participate in many tournaments or demos as a team (I think I've been the only student in our class who's competed in a tournament in years).  I guess it's because ours is sort of a "masters class" of sorts.  We...Read more

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Lazy Man's Gung Fu

My friend and I were in Washington Square (in San Francisco) yesterday and we decided to see what the video quality was like on her new camera.  I sort of lazily performed one of my Shaolin forms and it turned out...O.K.  My knee is really bothering me so I abstained from getting into any really low stances. 

At around 46 seconds into it I get distracted because this old Chinese lady who I see doing Tai Chi out there was making fun of me.  She kept laughing and saying, "Oh, are you doing kung fu? Hiya!!"  Her girlfri...Read more

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Real Life Hero

I'm finding myself becoming an even bigger Jet Li fan after seeing how much he's doing for the earthquake victims.  He's such a good person!!  He's a genuine Buddhist.  I remember in "The Shaolin Temple" (another influential movie for me), the Abbot of the Temple said, "as Buddhists we must strive to help all people." 

Other cool statements from that movie (but perhaps they sound comical due to the creative English translators) were, "Buddhists and devils will not live together, I will kill you...Read more

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A True Bad Ass

Although I hate to admit it to my sifu, Jackie Chan's work was probably the single most important influence that made me begin my lifelong pursuit of martial arts excellence.  Living here in the Bay Area when I was a kid, I used to sneak and stay up past twelve so I could watch Kung Fu Theatre with Tat Mau Wong.  I'm sort of embarrassed to admit it, but titles like Drunken Master, Snake In Eagles Shadow, Spiritual Kung Fu, and Police Story have had a major influence on my life.

Video: Read more

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I've been going out to check out some comedians lately, and these guys are currently my favs'.

Todd Barry's got a sort of dry humor that I like:

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cWLfVzfSUkY  Although he's somewhat offensive and obnoxious at times, I can't help thinking Daniel Tosh is kind of a genius.  I guess he's funny to me because he's really mean yet sarcastic; a quality that I lack, but am entertained by since, in our day and ag...Read more

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Some Old School Metal Vid's

Led Zepellin, Black Sabbath, Metallica...this was mainly the stuff I was into when I was growing up.  My older sister and her friends were mainly into soul and some of the lighter classic rock (like in the previous entry).  I grew up around all of that stuff mainly because, early on, we lived in a predominantly black and latino area in Oakland, and my parents were friends with Pete and Sheila Escavito, the parents of Sheila E.  My sister was also best friends with Sheila E's little sister.  Of course, my sis' and all o...Read more

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