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9 billion light years...wow, the universe is big. How can there not be aliens all over the place.

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We need flying cars already! Blade Runner was set in 2019 so we'd better hurry up! I want to be able to fly over all the damn traffic!!

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Portland's on the cutting edge. Their tap water was the cleanest of any city I've ever been to (my TDS meter reading was only 14).

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This so makes sense. I've always wanted one of these!

New Book About the Bruce Lee - Wong Jack Man Fight!


As a former student of Wong Jack Man, I was intrigued by Sifu Rick Wing's conversations with this venerable grandmaster of the Northern arts. I was a witness to many of their exchanges during my years training and perfecting the techniques Sifu Wong taught me (some of which I have successfully used in real self-defense situations). Many of Wong's students (including myself) are not of...Read more

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Subverse Clothing

Check it out, this is Raissa Lim's new t-shirt company: SUBVERSECLOTHING.COM! Lefty, feminist, funny, ultra-hot shirts for men and women! They're super-fashionable and can be worn with jeans or nicer outfits. Check it out, and tell all your badass hipster friends! It's seriously the coolest thing out there!


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My Fight Scene

I've finally managed to post my fight scene on youtube!  My friend Ikuo and I managed to pull this together in a matter of hours.  Yuta, the guy we shot the fight scene with, had very little martial arts training but we managed to get him swinging like he was a total bad-ass out for blood!  I choreographed the whole thing using moves from Northern Shaolin kung fu.  It still looks pretty contemporary though.

The first part of the video is me and Ikuo doing an Eskrima drill.  We were testing the shutter speed of the camera.  At 1:22 ...Read more

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Getting Our Kicks With The Cannon 7D

Last Monday I helped my friend Ikuo and some of his buddies test out the LA Community College Cinema department's new Cannon 7D. We did this eskrima flow drill in the beginning and I was teaching an open hand exercise at the end. These were meant to test the shutter speed and the lenses. But it's the fight scene that I'm really proud of (it's at about 1:21). I can't believe how well it turned out! Especially considering we put the whole thing together in less than 5 hours. Yuta (the guy in red) had pra...Read more

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I was a cop on Trauma

Yesterday I worked on the NBC show, "Trauma."  I got to play a cop in North Beach and it was one of the funnest experiences ever!


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Nirvana/Rick Astley Mix

I thought I'd been RickRoll'D, but when I played this I nearly spit my drink out it was so funny. Especially the part when he's doing his little dance during the solo. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAmDVluQaQY&feature=player_embedded

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