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I'm sorry but I have to take a stand on this. Nicholas Cruz was able to buy an AR-15 like he was buying a pack of chewing gum. There were PLENTY of warnings he was violent and mentally unstable yet there were NO obstacles to him buying guns. There have been 18 school shootings in the U.S. this year so far. There were 345 mass shootings in 2017! I guess Trump and the gun lobby had nothing to do with blocking background checks on mentally ill people buying guns?! And this whole argument that it's our "culture." Well, who's fault is that, Obama's, or our current pussy-grabber-in-chief and our NRA money sucking Congress? I'm remembering when Trump said, "You had very fine people on BOTH sides," even though one side was totally made up of neo-Nazis and the KKK. NOW, because people are so outraged, Trump says there were "many signs" he could have done this. Hmm, could one of those signs have been his membership in a white nationalist militia? Countless Nicholas Cruz's across the country can still buy AK's and AR-15's without a problem and the Republicans still refuse to enact stricter gun laws. Our president is such a slimball! I'm at the point now where I may have to unfriend you if you are in any way a fan of that jerkoff. He's such an unrepentant fraud that he had a FAKE University that scammed people out of their money! Just unfriend me now if Trump's your "guy." I'm done.

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