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I got three medals at The 17th CMAT Tournament at UC Berkeley

I competed in the 17th Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at UC Berkeley on April 11th.  I have to admit, I'm still relatively new to MA competition.  There really weren't many competitors in the traditional wushu category though, so I managed to get three medals: a gold, a silver, and a bronze.  If anything, this tournament was good practice for future competitions.  Although I put on a good show, I won by default in most of those events because there weren't any competitors to challenge me.  I'd really like to see TCMA competitions regain their popularity someday.  Maybe Tiger Claw's Kung Fu Magazine.com Tournament on June 27 will help.  I'm hoping I can compete in this.  I sort of have to "regroup" due to various issues in my life right now and I'm just not sure I'll have the time to train up for that one.


The only picture of myself that I have from the whole thing is this one of me doing my spear set. 

I'm trying to secure some videos that were taken by my some of my kung fu brothers.  I think next time I'm going to wear a lighter color like blue or white.  I'm starting to think the black is a little much.  

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Congrats! I hope one day you can have competitors in your category. It looks like you had fun ;)
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c c
this my first time to be here.hello,as a chinese,i think you could travel to qingchen mountian in chengdu to know about taoist Martial Arts Schools.
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My clothes color is white ,hehe,,,i practice chenshi taiji almost every night. finally i obtain two large legs due to this.wuwuwu.....
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