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Hair today, gone....

.... in 5 minutes.  I decided to cut my hair, it's now 9 inches shorter.  It's short enough for a change but still long enough to pin up.  The ends were damaged too.... I saw split ends on my split ends.  Only once have I cut my hair really short, it was in Form 1.... I got a pixie cut.  That was the result of trusting the hairdresser who "knew exact...Read more

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Yesterday, I enrolled in a Spanish course.  It was a decision I made after having to deal with Spanish speaking customers on several occasions.  I couldn't understand them and vice versa, the whole conversation (or lack of it) included pointing and many made up gestures.   I haven't gone to school or taken any type of class for years.  It feels strange but I'm also looking forward to being able to communicate in " espanol".    

Despite my taking 2 years of Spanish and French ...Read more

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More holiday pics...

During our Disney visit, we split into groups since time was limited and not everyone wanted to do the same stuffs.  When we met up again later, the other group all got Mickey ears hats from Disney's "Year of a Million Dreams".  Awww, it looked so cute... I want one, too. So, I read about the Disney pin trading/collecting and thought it looks fun but not something I'm going to do.  Guess what?!  I couldn't resist and caved, I ended up buying lots of cute pins.  I didn...Read more

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Holiday's over!

 We had a few mishaps on the way to Orlando.  Our flight was delayed and we missed our connecting flight, but everything else went smoothly.  Thank goodness!!    We got back from Orlando last night.  It was a lot of fun.  Disney was great.... went to Magic Kingdom & Epcot. 

Here are a few pics... will put up more later on:

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All set!

Tickets booked.Hotel booked.Off to Orlando next week.Excited!! 

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I've been picked.

I've been picked by Jaine.

For those who have been picked, please state who has picked you for the game.


Answer the questions as follows.  Then, delete one of the questions you don't like and add a new question.  There should be 20 questions in total.  Pass it on to 11 people and list the people who will need to answer those questions.  Notify them by signing on their guestbook and tell them that they've been picked.  The chosen ones ...Read more

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Weekend dinner

We tried out a new restaurant over the weekend.  The food was pretty great and I LOVED the decor.  But it was another Chinese restaurant to add to the already plentiful bunch in the area.  I wish for more diversity and selection.... how about Thai, French, Korean or Cuban??!  sighs  The choices here are so limited. 

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Yesterday I made crepes:

Strawberry & kiwi filling![](/attachments/2008/03/34240_200803171110582.thumb.jpg) I was making it for everyone so I had to double the recipe.  I'm glad it turned out alright or else I would have a bunch of hungry people.  Thanks for the recipe, PeacheyRead more

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Wrong place, wrong time...

I heard yesterday that someone I know got hit by a truck last week.  He was just standing on the sidewalk when this truck lost control and slammed right into him.  Omg..... talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time!  Both his legs are broken as well as his shoulder.  Even though I don't know this person that well, I felt awful after hearing the news.  It could have happened to anyone. 

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Remember Me?

I just found out Sophie Kinsella (of Confessions of a Shopaholic fame) has a new book:

http://www.amazon.com/Remember-Me-Sophie-Kinsella/dp/0739342371I'm really looking forward to reading it. :)

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