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Catching Up

My friend G. came by the store today.  I haven't seen her in a long time, even though we live close to each other.  We spent a few hours chatting and catching up on old times.  It's kinda weird, but whenever we see each other (no matter how long ago) we just chat about anything and everything. Haha... we talked about work, guys, online dating, more guys, movies, guys... uh, you get the idea.   

My mom brought home some sweet sops today.  I wanted to eat one but they're still hard <...Read more

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In retrospect...

I first started keeping an online journal in 2002, over 5 years ago.  During those times, the site that I used only provided the space for you to record your entries ie. if you wanted to have people comment on your blog or add pictures, you had to find some external means to do it.  It has improved over the years, but now I compare those days to this blog at AnD and it's a huge difference.  Haha... feel so privileged now than those bare essentials stage.  

I had started blogging becaus...Read more

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some things you just can't hide...

I have this problem that I can't control.  It's very embarrassing at times and mostly happens when I don't want it to.  Yep, it's blushing!!  I can't control it and it happens during the worst of times.   I just know the feeling, my face slowly feels like it's heating up and then I know I'm going to look like a boiled lobster.  Are there ways you can suppress this reaction?  I'd be the first to try it out!

Once, I was supposed to make a class presentation and I accidentally mixed ...Read more

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Every night I rush home from work to try to make it home in time to to watch "La Femme Desperado" at 7:30.  Sometimes I make it, other times not so lucky.  I'm so addicted to that show right now!  During that hour, I pretty much block out the rest of the world.   Anyhow, from my last post you can see how the show has affected me.     It's just torture having to watch just one episode a night.  Just finished watching, now it's time for dinner.  G'nite!

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Double standards

Last night I was watching a TVB series where a guy was pursuing a girl who's seven years older.  Later on, the guy's family starts saying that it's shameful or embarrassing if he does that and that's they hope he doesn't pick someone older than him.  Yeah, the show I'm currently watching every night is La Femme Desperado.  I'm talking about Raymond Lam and Melissa Ng's characters in the series.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see anything wrong with a guy liking a girl that's older than him...Read more

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When I went to pick up my book  I was told that not enough copies were sent and that there wasn't any assigned to me.  I was disappointed, but the clerk was friendly enough to check the stock room.  After a few minutes, she came back out with a HP book.  Apparently, someone else had reserved a copy and was supposed to pick it up 2 hours ago but never showed.  So, I finally got the book!!   I'm on chapter 2 now.

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I'm not one of the people who gets all excited about Fridays anymore, I'm more of a TGIS (thank god it's Saturday) kind of girl now.   I miss just working 5 days a week and the more carefree days.  I don't mean to complain,  I'm happy with my work now.  It's just that work has it's ups and downs.  Sometimes it's so stressful that I want to pull out my hair and wonder what did I get myself into, but other times it's so rewarding that I'm grinning stupidly all day.  I guess this is just one of those days I'm ...Read more

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When I woke up this morning and tried to speak, I sounded so horrible.... all raspy and hoarse.  Now I can either whisper or speak very deeply, my normal voice have completely gone into hiding.  It does sound funny though when I try to speak because, depending on the syllable, it comes out as a whisper or a deep raspy voice.  This combination in a sentence is horrible but will evoke an unexpected giggle from whoever hears it.  I wonder if this is how guys going through puberty feels with their voice crack...Read more

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And so it continues...

I'm still fluey, but feel alot better now.  Today, it's still hot... 33 degrees outside!  What would we do without a/c??  This summer is so hot, much hotter than last year!  I can definitely see the results of global warming.  I'm glad that people are making a conscious effort to increase the awareness of this growing problem.  Did anyone listen to the Live Earth concerts a couple weeks ago?  If only there were more events like that where people come together from all over the wo...Read more

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Hello all!  I've been reading some of the blogs here and found them quite interesting.  So, I decided to join in on the fun too!     I've found the internet to be a wonderful means of meeting new people and exploring new places and cultures that I normally would not have the opportunity to.  So, I'm looking forward to my stay here at AnD.

Ok, with all that said.  I'm a bit under the weather today.  Not the ideal way for a first blog post, but I'm feeling tired, cold and fluey!  Luc...Read more

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