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Raining in my office

This morning I woke up to the pitter patter of raindrops on my window.  It's another whole day of rain again.  It rain all throughout the night, making the place all nice and cool.  I'm not complaining because we need this rain, it will help with the water lock off that's been happening a lot recently.  But it is because of the rain that work is slow today.  I guess people don't want to leave the comforts of their house on a Saturday in the rain.  The temperature also dropped from 30 degrees to 23 degrees. 

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Why worry?

It's another rainy day today, and it's so cold at work.  Good thing I remembered to carry a sweater.   It's raining so heavy outside, I hope it slows down when I'm ready to leave work.  Anyways, I came across this while clearing out my inbox, pretty funny.   I tried to upload the jpeg but it's too small, so I had type it out instead.

WHY WORRYThere are only two things to worry about:Whether you are well or you are sick.If you are well, then you have nothing to worry about:But...Read more

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Food and Rainy Days

I had lunch early today, before 12 noon.  I had spicy baked chicken with callaloo rice and fried plantains.  I don't know if it's because it's raining or that I've read many food related blog entries but I was hungry from 11am this morning.  I wanted some comfort food but I'm not at home to make any.  My comfort foods changes with my mood.... today I wanted soup (thick, hearty rich soup).  Other times I'm partial to mac & cheese or pretzels and potato chips.  During rainy times, I like eating comfort foods curl...Read more

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Independence Day weekend

It's been a busy but fun weekend.

Day 1 (Sunday) We left at 8:00am and reached Ocho Rios a little after 10am.  We checked in at the resort but didn't actually get the rooms until 2:30pm.  After check-in, we ate brunch by the grill (I had grilled cheese sandwich and fries and pina colada ).  Then it was off to the pool, T and N went to try out the new water slide. 

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After reading Mommy_Mok's post about books, it got me to thinking back on the books I used to read growing up.  I don't remember at what age I really started to enjoy reading but I do remember a picture of me going to the bookshelf and taking out my sister's book to "pretend" read when I was younger and could not read properly yet.  ha ha...

Anyways, my sister had a large collection of books so I mostly read from her collection.  I read Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Famous Five ...Read more

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Just not my day...

There was no electricity at work for several hours today, the lights went out from 12 noon.  It was boiling HOT!      I called the company and the customer service rep said a feeder (??? ) was down and they were working on it.  Not exactly sure when service will be restored.  sighs  There was so much traffic on the road because the traffic lights weren't working either.   This reminded me of the time when Hurricane Ivan passed over the island.  No lights for weeks.... we had candleli...Read more

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Just finished watching the movie "Rob B Hood" starring Jackie Chan and Louis Koo.  Great movie, funny and really touching at the end.  And the baby is a cutie!! It had a few pleasant surprises too.  Ha ha... while I was watching I thought I saw someone looking like Daniel Wu.  I wasn't sure until I checked it out on IMDB and realized it really was him in the show.  Jason Tobin, Terence and Andrew are supposed to be in it also.  Not sure if I missed anyone else... gosh so many AnDers in the mov...Read more

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I just reached home.  We went out to dinner tonight at China Town, Lyn's birthday dinner.  We arrived at the restaurant after 8:30pm... running late but didn't start eating until after 9pm.  The food was alright, but it was quiet tonight... only two other tables were occupied apart from us.   I forgot to carry my camera so no pictures. 

Tomorrow's a holiday, Emancipation Day, so no work!  claps   No plans yet.... just going relax a bit and catch up on my Harry Potter reading or ...Read more

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Shop Talk

Yesterday, I went to the shop with my parents, B. & T. to clear out some of the stock  for the new people that will be renting the place.  My parents will be retiring soon. They will be able to relax and just enjoy life and not have to be stressed out or worried about the shop.  They operated the shop for so long, it's even older than I am... haha.  I hope I'll be able to accomplish all the things just like them, if not, I'll be satisfied even if I accomplish half.  I'll miss it even...Read more

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Sweet Sop

Just thought I'd show the inside of a sweet sop for those who are not familiar with it.  The inside is divided into segments and there's a little black seed in each of the segments.

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