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I didn't get to watch the MJ Memorial at work.  Instead, I  watched it after work at my sister's house where they showed bits of it on CNN.  There were several parts that got me teary eyed - the eulogy, when MJ's brother sang "Smile" and especially when his daughter spoke.   It was a nice memorial.  All of these MJ news seems to have overshadowed Farrah Fawcett's passing.  Is it just me that thinks that?  I haven't heard anything much or maybe I've missed all the programs/tributes etc.

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the memorial really got me crying... =( esp when his daughter spoke...
about 11 years ago
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FF was a smaller, private affair. One was an aging rock star who died unexpectedly before a huge, comeback tour and the other was a has-been actor with a terminal illness. I didn't watch the memorial but saw snippets on the news (how could one miss the snippets?).
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i actually didn't even know who Farrah was.......... and yes.. i cried when Paris spoke.. it was just so sad
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