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Dentist visit + weekend stuffs

I followed my Mom to the dentist this morning.  She had a 7am appointment.  Wow, that's early.... so strange for a dentist office to be opened so early in the morning.  The reception area was so pretty (for a dentist office).... it was very relaxing and soothing with bamboo and water elements integrated into the decor.  Very similar to a spa....     I think it works well to calm the nerves of  people who are afraid to go to the dentist.   It's the prettiest dentist office I've ever been to. 

On Sunday, I attended the funeral..... the service was short but memorable.  We stopped by the house afterwards for the get together.  I got to see a couple persons whom I haven't seen since high school!  It was good to catch up.....

Ok on a lighter note, my nephew loves to watch some utube videos called "caramell dansen" or "caramel dancing".  I don't know what the fuss is about it though, it has a catchy song and a special dance too.  It seems to be a big hit with the kids.  According to my nephew..... everyone's doing the caramel dancing, including characters from DragonBallZ (one of his fave shows).  LOL!

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The calm before the drill/storm. haha. I think I have a cheapo dentist bc he only has 3 chairs and a table for magazines in his reception area. White walls. Foggy glass window. I like him though. Hope he'll still be in business by the time I need to visit him again. And thank you for the caramel dance link. I don't care for the vid or song....but I do like disco-y dance music, although this tune is a little faster than my hips can handle. haha
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i ahven't heard of caramel dancing. hmmm... 7am?!?! that's soooo early (for an appointment that's not yours!)...
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wow 7 am is early!!!.. let me check out what's a caramel dancing.. hehee kids are always picking up new things
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caramel dancing... hahaa... interesting... ;)
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