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  • October Screenings - Asian American (Supercapitalist and Kinks)

    Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012 12:16AM / Members only

    October Sinema+GV screenings at Golden Village Great World City


    Financial Thriller, 96 minutes, NC16 (Drug Use and Coarse Language)
    English/Cantonese with Chinese Subtitles

    Directed by Simon Yin


    Starring Golden Globe Nominee Linus Roache (Law and Order), Kenneth Tsang (Rush Hour 2),
    Derek Ting, Richard Ng (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame), Kathy Uyen (How I Met Your Mother), and Darren Scott

    *** Post-screening Q&A on 19 Oct and 24 Oct screenings with selected cast/crew ***

    A maverick New York hedge fund trader moves to Hong Kong and orchestrates a mega-deal that swiftly escalates beyond his control. Caught between competing forces in America and Asia in a ruthless culture of profits at all costs, he desperately negotiates and maneuvers inside China's closed, complex society. With his life and Hong Kong’s future staked on a corrupt billion dollar deal, the trader takes the ultimate risk.

    Website | Trailer | See who's going


    Mockumentary, 89 minutes, NC16 (Mature Content)
    English Language, no subtitles.

    Directed by Virginia Kennedy Juliane Block

    Starring Nina Sharil Khan, Juliane Block, Jeza Fenton, Alfred Loh

    *** JUST UPDATED: Post-screening Q&A on 24 Oct screenings with selected cast/crew ***

    Kinks is a mockumentary style feature film. The movie takes a cynical but nevertheless humorous look at two inter-racial sisters who appear far from alike. Inside and outside. One is white and one is dark.

    Split up as children, because their parents divorced, the film starts when they finally meet again after years growing up on separate continents. On meeting it is obvious their agendas are as different as their looks. The fiercely competitive, western educated Caucasian looking Jay wants international success for her cross cultural dating show. She returns to Malaysia to produce her dream, a reality show for the American market. To succeed she needs it to be as outrageous as possible. Jay's Malaysian sister, Joythi, the Indian looking darker one, happens to work for Ministry of Culture. She is more introverted and has to learn to stand up to her sister while desperately trying to keep her job, while in charge to establish some decency in Jay's misguided production. Clashes are inevitable!


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  • Sinema Officially Kicks Off September Screenings at GV Grand

    Saturday, Aug 18, 2012 1:06PM / Members only


    Sinema Officially Kicks Off September Screenings at GV Grand

    Singapore, 15 August 2012 — Singapore independent films will make their comeback to commercial screens this September as Sinema firms up its programming in collaboration with Singapore’s leading cinema exhibitor, Golden Village. 

    Kicking off the return of Sinema will be two award-winning films, When Hainan Meets Teochew and 18 Grams of Love, by local director Han Yew Kwang. Cinema-goers will be able to enjoy this alternative content in a more accessible location, with both films screened in GV Grand on Wednesdays, 12th and 26th September 2012. Golden Village will apportion a dedicated four-hour time slot from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month for Sinema’s regular programmed screenings.

    Film-enthusiasts will fall in love with romantic comedy 18 Grams of Love, which won Bronze Award and topped the Audience Choice category at the 13th Lyon Asian Film Festival, features an ironic and bittersweet viewpoint on the complexities of love. Touching on affairs close to the heart, the film explores the integral pillars of trust and communication between men and their wives. 

    Having garnered some of the best reviews for a local film in 2010, When Hainan Meets Teochew returns to the screens due to popular demand. The gender-bending Singaporean comedy film also made its international premiere at the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival, as well as the 34th Asian American International Film Festival, featuring an interesting concoction of a mismatched couple who do not fall into society’s expectation of a handsome male lead and a beautiful female protagonist.  

    Audience members will also be treated to a 30-minute post-screening discussion session with film director Han Yew Kwang himself, to complete the film-watching experience. 

    The addition of Sinema’s content to Golden Village’s line-up of films aims to drive increased awareness of Singapore and Asian films among mainstream audience members. Both organisations are known for their strong support of local productions, which has brought award-winning Singaporean films such as 881 by Royston Tan,    12 Storeys by Eric Khoo, It’s a Great Great World by Kelvin Tong and others to the Singapore movie-goers. 

    For trailers: http://www.sinema.sg

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  • NLB Screen Series In Partnership With Sinema

    Monday, May 30, 2011 6:46PM / Members only

    Organized in partnership with Sinema, the National Library Board's Screen Series kicked off last Friday, 27 May, with a screening of The Soloist. The series aims to showcase and explore the roles that the various arts genre can play in our lives through the popular medium of films. The audience present was a mix of working professionals and other curious strangers. Most had heard of the film before, and one or two had even watched the film previously and wished to catch it again and discuss it in depth. 

    Nicholas Chee, one of Sinema's founders, facilitated the post-film discussion. Mr Chee talked about basic film deconstruction and sub-plots, and the art of storytelling, in this case, that of the ‘hero’s journey’. He shared personal experiences along the theme of finding oneself, and the audience shared a range of perspectives as well. Paired with Mr Chee's background in visual communication and filmmaking, there was an overall exchange of interesting insights. 

    The session concluded with plans for further discussion, on an online platform, and the audience was directed to ‘go arts’s’ Facebook page for more information. 

    If you're looking for an accessible platform for open discussion on interesting films, make sure you do not miss out on the next session on 24 June. This session continues the theme of music, presenting 'In Search of Beethoven' by award-winning filmmaker, Phil Grabsky. Register here.

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  • C.L.I.F. Preview at Sinema Old School

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011 12:33PM / Members only

    MediaCorp TV Channel 8 held an exclusive preview of its upcoming police drama, C.L.I.F., (Courage. Loyalty. Integrity. Fairness.) at Sinema Old School on Friday, 20 May. Hosted by Ben Yeo, the private event was attended by the media, selected bloggers, and excited fans of the cast. The leading stars present at the preview were Tay Ping Hui, Joanne Peh, Chen Tai Ming, Aileen Tan, Chris Tong, and Romeo Tan.
    Photo credits: Nicholas Tan
    There was an air of excitement in Sinema’s theatre, as everyone gathered to catch a private screening of the first episode of C.L.I.F., complete with popcorn and a goodie bag. Loyal members of the stars’ fan clubs were present, and had brought along colourful posters to cheer their favourite stars on. Prior to the event, bloggers had been invited by Channel 8 to apply to cover the event. The lucky selected 20 bloggers were given the opportunity to interview the cast and get up close and personal with them.The cast were enthusiastic when speaking about the series and engaged in candid banter with the audience. They briefly shared their experiences in filming C.L.I.F., which is not like the typical crime-busting local drama. Supported by the Singapore Police Force, the action-packed series is based on real cases and aims to be as realistic as possible. Filming the series involved a great deal of effort, both on the part of the cast’s acting and physical abilities, as well as on the production crew’s side, in terms of special effects and tricky, ‘big’ scenes that involved bomb explosions, for instance. There was a question-and-answer session after the screening, and C.L.I.F. goodie bags were given out as prizes. The event ended with an informal photo-taking and autograph session, and the cast gamely posed for pictures with the delighted fans and bloggers.
    Photo credits: Nicholas Tan
    If the first episode is anything to go by, we reckon the local entertainment scene is in for a treat. Sinema Old School is proud to have been the hosting venue for the exclusive preview of this highly-anticipated drama series.
    Photo credits: Nicholas Tan
    C.L.I.F. 警徽天职 premieres on 31 May at 9.00pm on Channel 8. There will also be a roadshow on Saturday, 28 May at Square 2 Novena, at 2.30pm.

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  • M For Magic LIVE! at Sinema Old School

    Friday, May 20, 2011 11:16PM / Members only

    For two nights, Sinema Old Schoolʼs theatre, and everyone in it, was witness to a thoroughly entertaining showcase of close-up magic. Fronted by JC Sum, Singaporeʼs celebrity magician, M For Magic LIVE! was a 70-minute long theatrical magic performance that featured 9 young emerging local magicians.

    The young magicians exuded confidence and professionalism, and put up a high-energy, engaging show. All of them were clearly greatly enthusiastic about their craft. Paired with the audienceʼs excitement and eagerness to participate, Sinema Old Schoolʼs theatre was certainly full of good vibes. The charismatic magicians teased the audience with light-hearted, humorous banter, but at the same time, stayed focused on delivering magic tricks that left the crowd amazed.

    JC Sum is well-known for his extensive history of magic shows over the past decade and is no stranger to the magic scene in Singapore and Asia. However, M For Magic LIVE! was a momentous occasion, being his first close-up magic show. The talented magician presented material from his “Urban Underground” Close-up Magic Show, as well as new routines never before seen by the public.

    There was not a single dull moment, as the magicians wowed the audience - drawing gasps with tricks such as ʻcreatingʼ a rose from a lighterʼs flame, and illusions playing with numbers and proportions. Suitable for people of all ages and from all walks of life, magic performances such as M For Magic LIVE! will continue to bewilder and leave audiences marveling at magiciansʼ expert skills. All you need is an open mind and a sense of humor, and youʼre in for a treat. 

    For those who missed out on this electrifying display of “street magic off the streets”, look out for these young magicians on SIN TV – along with JC SUM and ʻMagic Babeʼ Ning – out on the streets of Singapore, accomplishing the seemingly unexplainable.

    M For Magic LIVE! was a spin off from “M For Magic”, a first-of-its-kind 10-episode street magic program designed by SIN TV in collaboration with Fly Entertainment and Concept:Magic, currently available on youtube.


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