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[FREE ADMISSION] ART OF CINEMATOGRAPHY Learn how to play with light and shadow. This Saturday 1pm to 3pm -... http://t.co/wEEGZVLArI

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After months of hard work and planning, Sinema is proud to announce that we have created the inaugural National... http://t.co/pXy33bh9nD

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IP101 - Learn about Intellectual Property rights this new year so you can continue to create YOUR creative work... http://t.co/yl9Mif2ZKK

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Huatty New Year from Shooting Gallery Asia Group! http://t.co/blyGxIj5UD

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Looking for your Stories and Memories for the final instalment of the Trilogy! http://t.co/BNwxhdKe2h http://t.co/j2z1OFMSRD

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The 48 Hour Film Competition ended with a great bang! Thank you all for participating this year! Hope everyone... http://t.co/xFvY6Ewi0g

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12 hours gone! 36 hours more to go! http://t.co/3Q5EwmLOtA

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Power98 Interview 21 NOV 2014 http://t.co/IpbqiF8uY7

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48 Hour Film Project. Happening next weekend 28 to 30 Nov! Register online at http://t.co/cj13SoPDiy ! http://t.co/hV4raWwlc1

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Free Event! Get TIPS or more info for the upcoming 48 Hour Film Competition. http://t.co/upcfbGis23 http://t.co/7FK3Mq7uf7

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October 18, 2009

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