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Sorry for the absence!

Hi everyone! Long time no see...
I hope you will forgive me for not being around for a while but I think you will understand when I tell you how busy I am...At the moment I am directing the dubbing for a Vampire animation series that my company (yes I now have my own production company, Alkeme) is co-producing. So I've been in the studio all day every day for the last couple of months.However, while I'm doing that the more exciting stuff is going on behind the...Read more

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Finally! Now that the film has finished it's tour through the film festivals of the world we can share it with everyone. Enjoy! Finalmente, después de un año pasando por los festivales del mundo podemos compartir nuestro corto con todo el mundo!

This weeks impression of a badguy Englishman...

4 appearances this time! At 41:15, 46:25, 1:10:00, and 1:17:35.


For those of you who blinked and missed it - my appearance on "AGUILA ROJA" can be seen at http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/programa/aguila-roja-capitulo/2002187/ at the 22:50 minute marker.

Don't worry, it's not my only appearance (just my shortest), i'll be here for 5 more weeks! Enjoy the veal!

Take a look at how I/NATION is featured on Davoli Law's website; http://davolilaw.com/portfolio/ination-2/ . We are in AMAZING company; amongst projects which include names like Michael Douglas, Christoph Waltz, Frank Langella, Mike Newell, Michael Hirst, Ridley Scott, Abi Morgan and Ralph Fiennes.

David said, "… this is the first independent series he has ever taken on - and purely on the quality of the concept and content…"

Defeated in the Fear and Fantasy film festibal of L.A.!

Common sense, isn't it?

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I / Nation takes shape

Some of you may know about my upcoming project I/NATION. Shooting in Barcelona with an international cast we are in the process of finalizing some very interesting deals around the world. More news will follow as I have it, in the meantime here's a little taste! Enjoy!

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Freixenet Video

Here's a little video I did for a competition for Freixenet Cava.  CLICK HEREEnjoy!

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Poke a Prez

Not many of you know who I am. Even less of  you know that I'm an actor. All that is fairly normal!What almost none of you know is that I co-founded a company that creates Apps for mobiles.We have a few game apps out there already on sale but we recently created a new one based on the "Whack a Mole" game from arcades.It's called " Poke a Prez" and it's available on Apple and Read more

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Magnum Opus. Finally!

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