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    Tuesday, Mar 19, 2013 3:27AM / Standard Entry / Members only



     Iphone apps

     Iphone 3GS was launched as a  successor of iphone 3G and after three proud years of being highest trending smart phone met successor in 2012. Since the day it launched it has been storming all over the user community for cherishing looks and the apps designed by brilliant brains. The apps for Iphone 3GS are available at App store, an official platform of collection, developed and maintained by Apple Inc. App store is surely a great deal having lot of apps of great use and enjoyment but officially no other apps are for Iphone 3GS. App store welcomes third party creations but to earn membership they must hit the review score, the authorized set to match Apple`s standard. To fail to stand up to Apple`s standard lead to straight rejection. The apps of Iphone 3GS are available all over the web and many of them are beyond the online platform. A typical Iphone 3GS is not inspired to enjoy them all but a trick can twist the situation as user desire perfectly, �Jailbreaking�. After jailbreaking Iphone 3GS are permissible to enjoy any apps compatible to Iphone 3GS, but when there stands some warranty issue, jailbreaking may cause some inconvenience. All sorts of iphone 3gs apps are being designed for Iphone 3GS-education, health, game, sports, lifestyle, finance, music and more. Itunes is another store containing apps designed for music and lot of music tracks mostly focused and trending in mass.

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     There are many hand sets in market, of ace level and competitive to rests.  Nexus is another name of pride and elegance of technology. Unlike Iphone 3GS Nexus is operated by Android Operating System. This is a freedom of open source and relishing experience of tasting limitless. Million apps have been designed for Nexus, but some do deserve with rating of 4 out of 5. These apps trends in mass users and regarded as best including imdb, facebook, sky pe, play store, chorme, drop box, authenticator etc. best nexus apps designed for Nexus are confined to some unofficial rules. They are brain child of pro effort with dedication to have users felt to consume next production. Available in artistic and , attractive site.

     Samsung is a name of trust and reliability very specially when the brand stands for galaxy hand sets. The Android operating system is a great deal presenting the excitement of limitless and for the reason, Samsung galaxy hand sets are a device of versatility and enjoyment. Free downloadable HD games for Galaxy enhanced the level of enjoyment to sky with the offer of milliosns waiting to be installed . HD games get the experience of PSP and a user may erase the intension to buy a PSP after galaxy gaming experience. Games like Need For Speed Shift, Drugon Hunter, GT Raing, The SIM 3, Pro Revolution Soccer makes users time out. Needless to say, the free galaxy games download for Galaxy is not difficult to found, they are all over the web. The games which can be downloaded free, with Galaxy or any other phone set they are a great adventure of faming and saving $ both.

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