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19:00 und immer noch 37°C / 7 pm and still 37°C....wtf...

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Auf den Tisch kommt heute Fisch so saftig süß.....Lachs mit Chili verfeinert. (Salmon with Chili and veggies and mango)

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fischermen lancing (fun competition)

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beeindruckend! (gesehen auf FAZ.net)

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Mein Weihnachtsgeschenk ist endlich da

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Sylvestermorgen in Oberursel. (Morning of 31st Dec)

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bf saved a children's life today


bf just saved a small boy's life today. He came running down a passage towards the street. The mother or grandma wasn't fast enough to catch him. So my bf stopped him at first but he broke free again. So my bf made a jump  to finally grap the little boy and let himself fall backwards in order to avoid that the little boy ran into an approaching car....the little boy is ok and my bf got only a scrape at the knee...Hopefully the parents pay more attention in future.... Read more

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Why keep books

Currently I am sifting through several boxes with books which contain books from my family as we cleaned out the household of my parents as the departed. For ten years theses boxes moved around with me and never had the space to put them on shelves. Now I ask myself it it makes sense to keep these books, among those many factbooks from the 70s, now that we have the internet and a lot of knowledge can be found there. Will there be anybody to value those books? I used to use some of these books during schooltime, but there was no internet availa...Read more

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What happened to our community on AnD?

what happened to our community we started of as the JetLi-website got integrated into AnD?

not only that I really miss our funny chats in the shoutbox I also noticed that many people on my friendlist are not active here anymore. To many I am still connected on facebook, though it is not the same

Anyway a happy new year to everyone

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the drama around my boyfriends kids (2) - the drama continues

As I told you before, my bf's son has a lot of problems with his mothers style of education.

Beginning of August, the whole situation escalated. After one more fight between my bfs son and his mother they brought him to children psychatric hospital where he is up to now. My bf used to him there every second day. End of August my bf had some days off and took the o...Read more

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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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