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enjoy the silence

Enjoying the silence and sorting out some things, that's sth. I will do for the rest of the free days around easter. I'm starting to hang out too much at AnD again and I don't want to feel like after my christmas holidays where I thought I need holidays from my holidays because I spent too much time here.

Sometimes I feel as if I cannot breathe anymore and my duties does not allow me to run away. At the moment I live in a two-room-apartment with my mum and I have to fight for every single piece of privacy, she bores me ...Read more

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Let Me Love You ...

I know I should let go, though I'm still secretly longing...

Does anyone know a similar song sung from a girl to a boy?

Baby I just don't get it

Do you enjoy being hurt?

I know you smelled the perfume, the make-up on his shirt

You don't believe his stories

You know that they're all lies

Bad as you are, you stick around and I just don't know why

If I was ya man (baby you)

Never worry bout (what I do)

I'd be coming home (back to you)

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how to talk about sth. you're not allowed to talk about...

hmm, I blogged recently about an incident going on in <> at the moment which I think everyone should know about and which reminded me of an incident happened <> during my schooltime which touched me deeply and belongs to one of the few political incidents that influenced me to a high degree ...

...but in order not do endanger this site I deleted this blog... though I kept this blog a personal one..... <Read more

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Who are you? A beautiful liar?

This song just comforted me today...

Ay, Ay, Ay

Nobody likes being played

Oh, Beyoncé, Beyoncé

Oh, Shakira, Shakira

[Beyonce] He said I'm worth it, his one desire

[Shakira] I know things about 'em that you wouldn't wanna read about

[Beyonce] He kissed me, his one and only, beautiful liar

[Shakira] Tell me how you tolerate the things that you just found out about

[Shakira] You never know

[Beyonce] Why are we the ones who suffer <...Read more

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new stuff

 these are three things (actually four) I recently bought:

two more things are on my list:

  • a Nokia E61i (I really need a new mobile phone)

  • a new laptop with Windows XP of course...

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give my heart back to me

this is a line from a german Song from Herbert Grönemeyer "Flugzeuge in meinem Bauch  (airplanes in my stomach)" which came just to my mind this morning...

german text:

Schatten im Blick dein Lachen ist gemalt

deine Gedanken sind nicht mehr bei mir

streichelst mich mechanisch völlig steril

eiskalte Hand mir graut vor dir

Ich fühl mich leer und verbraucht alles tut weh

hab Flugzeuge in meinem Bauch

kann nichts mehr essen kann dich nicht vergessen

aber au...Read more

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Good bye my almost lover...

I stumbled across this song this morning in the radio. And it fits so good to how I feel at the moment... My mood changes between grimly decisiveness and pure desperation and longing so that I spend most of my evenings to listen to music and cry...

Everytime I think I'm back on track something happens that hit's me like a boomerang...I wait for the moment someone's able to catch this boomerang and is able to ease my pain...

Your fingertips across my skin,

the palm trees swaying in the wind

...Read more
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Crying in the rain (哭中在雨)

(a song from my favourite band a-ha....)

If you wonder why I do not show up the shoutbox that much and do not comment your blogs as you are used to, I just want to let you know, what I have to do at the moment:

(Don't worry I will be fine soon)

Thank you for your advice, Flag, it helps a lot.

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ASBC / China Lounge Chinese New Year Celebration!!!

I'm proud to announce a big Chinese New Year Celebration, we organize in cooperation with the China Lounge in Frankfurt am Main / Germany!

Date: 16. February 2008

Location Shangrila Restaurant/ Frankfurt am Main


18:30   champagne reception

19:15   lion dance

19:30   several speeches and short presentation about the chines...Read more

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feeling sad and lonely

Today I miss the company of the intern who sits in the same room with me. Actually I should be happy, having the room on my own - but I'm not. She usually makes me cheer up. So I'm alone with my thoughts. I miss my friends on AnD, especially my xiong di - can hardly concentrate on work.

Today is "Weiberfastnacht" which my means that the hot phase of the fith season, also called carnival, started today which will last till Ash Wednesday, 6th. february...but this year I cannot cheer up. The emotional ups and dow...Read more

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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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