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feels like eternity..

...though it were only a few weeks in February that passed by. It happened so much, like:

...got fired by my company due to economic crisis on Feb 2nd

...two days later I got an offer from a new chinese friend to help her setting up her company and also entering the company after my cancellation period at the end of June. This all started as language-learning partners...and now we meet at least twice a week to get everything started...

...struggling with a cold, which started as a sore throught by the end of Janu...Read more

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Something I've learned out of the breakdown from the beginning of this week is that if I do not learn to canalize my anger/rage those breakdowns will happen again and again. Usually I am a well-balanced person and Taichi is fine to keep me in this state as long as possible. But if something makes me outrageous I need something else to get rid of my aggressions/rage and one way is total physical exhaustion. I already tried it with ice-skating bu...Read more

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out of balance

because of a lot of incidents in Dec up to last week...my body finally went on strike with painful back cramps on the past two nights and together with a lot of crying.. the past few weeks everytime I hardly found back my balance I got the next kick out of it....left work earlier today and going to see a doctor tomorrow morning in order to get my painkiller and maybe go on sickleave for the rest of the week...and also see my therapist on wednesday...hope she can help me to find my balance back...

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Update on Opera Tower and a sunny winter afternoon

I met up with a friend this afternoon in town and we spontaneously decided to go for a walk because of the sunny winter weather. While I was waiting for him, I did this shot with my mobile in order to give you a quick update about the state of completion of the Opera Tower:

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Break the chains...

...of my "education" and so-called "society" and start to discover new aspects on myself and my full potential...

This is my aim for 2009...and as ever follow the road less travelled

(freely taken from a poem by Robert Frost, 1916)

Merry Christmas and a happy new Year 2008!

in loving memory of  Eartha Kitt, a remarkable woman I hardly know, who closed her eyes forever on Dec. 25th...

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Why I do not like Christmas (and other celebration days)

Tonight I took myself some to think over why I do not like to celebrate Christmas and other family events..and I think I found the reasons for it:

My father and my mom do not live together anymore in the house I spent most of my youth. My mom decided to leave my dad for her own sake (this is another story) several years ago - which was a good decision so far - and they finally decided to sell the house because my dad moved to his significant other he met after my mum left him.

So in th...Read more

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still hungry...

Sometimes I wonder if or when I will ever reach a stage in my life where I simply feel satisfied with my life and the things I achieved and just want to leave it the way it is? Or will I be someone aiming for new goal as soon as I reached another one?

What keeps you going??

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I wish...

....it would be Thursday evening...then I am going to see HIM again 

...and it became Thursday evening and he came as friend and left as a lover

(first published 2008-11-04)

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denial of the heart

I am in the daily fight between ratio and heart for almost two months now and the fight is still going on...starting anew every day...wondering for how long it may go and what the result may be...at least managed to find a healthy distance, able to concentrate on work but also seeing a negative impact on my body...which is more tight than ever and also feeling a tiredness in the heart...but there's no solution to the whole thi...Read more

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new business opportunity

Yesterday I was out for lunch with a friend and publisher of an exclusive international promotion magazine called Who's Who Magazine. If you havent heard about it yet, don't worry, you cannot buy it at store. It only gets distributed to very exclusive clients within Europe and all over the world. I managed to get one of our bigger projects in the recent issue and we agreed to get also other contacts of mine into the next special issue. We also agreed that she's go...Read more

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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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