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in the mood for nothing

After half a sleepless night because of toothpain I definitely feel like doing nothing today...

After a treatment of my therapist about two weeks ago which releaved a mental blocking on certain events back in 2002/2003 I really feel into a deep hole end of last week, recovered a bit for a few days, but it is definitely back and requests its time to being definitely let go...so today is my day and I definitely are going to do nothing, but to take care of me...except calling the dentist and get some clove oil as painkiller Read more

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setting priorities..

My jobcoach gave me a tough ride this morning and gave me a whole bunch of homework (a lot of selfanalyses) to do and she forces me to check for jobads again (just to analyse them though)...something I totally cannot stand since I got dismissed. She also gave me the advice to postpone plans for my own company because of my bad financial situation...but things run pretty good now ...seems like I have to make a decision sooner or later... Read more

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flow of changes...

being struck hard by the cancellation of a partnership for a business...someone else leads you to another idea...or other interesting collaborations show up...

wondering how to get your designs done...a designer is crossing your way...

need help to find producer in china...somebody knows somebody with experience...

stuck in financial problems...you do not only get opportunities for making money (not sure about the offer yet)....but...while looking for a job a headhunter turns out to be a business angel and investor ...Read more

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ok guys, I am on Facebook now...If you like to add me there, drop me a pm with your email so that I recognize you...

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why I go to psychotherapy...

because of:

...stress reaction

...depressive phase

...adjustment dysfunction

...immature personal structure...


right time to start a business beneath therapy...

P.S: need a break from the two chinese dating sites I set up a profile on....

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power source within yourself

I think I have to find a sustainable power source within myself...any ideas how to do that?

I already read a book from Francois Lelord and about to read another book of him and also books  of Paulo Coelho...just to mention..

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what could be worse...

...than to notice that you boss never supported your work but rather saw you as something which got dictated by the global headquarter  ...you could struggle as much as you can, but never be really successful in your position...so it is best that I have to go now...but this realization freakin hurts  - so I gonna be on sickleave at least for next week and maybe also for the rest of the month till my freetime is about to start...

I put my he...Read more

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adidas Original Quiz

I just took the Originality quiz, take a look at my results!
  Take the quiz too! or

  Visit the adidas Originals Profile

<...Read more
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This evening, as we met for dinner, I planned to confess a chinese friend of mine, that I fell in love with him despite his new girlfriend. I actually asked him out several days ago to meet up one-on-one because I had something personal I would like to talk with him about. But during the evening - we had delicious hot pot and I let him get the ingredients from the buffet this time - I noticed that it felt wrong to talk about this. I started several approaches but simply didn't manage to lead the conversation into the right direction. So i f...Read more

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Your Life Path Number is 1Your purpose in life is to lead others.

You have great drive and determination. Nothing is going to stand in your way.

You seek out challenges and the spotlight. You'll take all the work - and all the glory.

Status and success are important to you. You demand the best from everyone and everything.

In love, you tend to take a protective role. You enjoy being the provider in relationships....Read more

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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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