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the drama around my boyfriends kids

I think it is time to write down the story and sort my thoughts, otherwise they are going to swallow me...

My bf has twins, a boy and a girl, 10 years old and live with their mum - she and my bf parted as the kids were three years old. Since autumn last year all of them lived in the same town so the contact between him, the grandparents - his parents - and the kids was quite close. His parents took over parts of the responsibility for the kids as my bf was really down from the breakup and always very emotional abou...Read more

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What do food and knowledge have in common?

The same way you handle and seek for knowledge, you choose your food and your eating habits....

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back home

Hello guys,

just want to let you know that I am safe back home. I am really sad, that I had to leave the great community behind we had on our unit. My roommate was really, really sad, but she got another sweet girl as a new roommate, so she will do better soon. I am also thankful to the staff there as they helped me a lot getting closer to my "inner me", open up and getting over some old wounds, keeping me away from living my life.

In the past few days, the arrow of a cupid hit me and made me leave my heart behind. Read more

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how a depression comes around...

Something I've learned from my therapy at hospital is, that you can drop into a depression when your survival package and patterns - wherever and however you got them - do not match to your current life situation anymore and lead you into distress or a dead end. Then it is time to think them over and learn new ones 

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half time

Hello Guys,

I am doing fine so far. As the therapy usually takes 8 weeks I'll be in hospital till beginning of July. The various therapies I have make me think a lot and are able to heal a lot of wounds and make you aware what went wrong in the past, especially in my childhood and teenage-times. I also have a lot of sports here, feel like being in a training camp. We do Badminton, back training, rowing (on machines), relaxation (Jacobson method), hiking and other therapy-oriented stuff.

I cannot be online a lot, as I online have...Read more

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off for therapy

Dear AnD-friends,

due to recent hardships I will take some time for myself and go to a sanatorium for therapy for the next couple of weeks.

I will be offline for the next three weeks and will only have limited internet access afterwards, so I will not be here much for the duration of the therapy. I will try to keep you updated though.

If you like leave me a message in my guestbook or my inbox.

Thanks a lot for your friendship and support.


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You are an eagle....

A friend said to me: "You are an eagle not a rabbit!"

My silent comment: "Then spread your wings and learn how to fly!"

My task for 2010....

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Where is she???

"Where the hell is  she?" you may have asked yourself the past days. And I think it is time that "she" lets you know why

I started to pick up a job at a friend's consulting and trading firm, which I hesitated to pick up for a long time but finally decided that this will be good for me. I can try out new things, help with my knowledge and skills in other things, have some fun also and make some money too . We still have to...Read more

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depression - or can you accept new aims coming your way?

This is a question I asked myself today. Am I able to accept the new aims and challenges coming my way? They comprise new financial insecurity and a lot of things to learn, because it means to enter new businesses for me. On the other hand I have so many people around me who encourage me and the new aims challenge my whole me and give me a lot of satisfaction...but will these people catch me if I fall and need help once more?? 

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no aim

no selfconfidence

no aim


what's life worth living for?

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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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