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You are an eagle....

A friend said to me: "You are an eagle not a rabbit!"

My silent comment: "Then spread your wings and learn how to fly!"

My task for 2010....

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Nice plan! Soar in the blue skies! All the Best in 2010! :D
over 10 years ago
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There is nothing wrong with being a rabbit. They have lots of intercourse for one thing and travel in packs. For another they can hop like crazy and then dive down a hole. But still being an eagle definitely has its advantages. What a great way to travel. Imagine the view every day. But they rarely set claw on the ground. They are not very social. I don`t know if I would like to be so disconected from earthly pleasures. I think I would rather be a soaring rabbit.
over 10 years ago
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I've seen rabbits fly. Go ahead, spread your wings.
over 10 years ago
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It's a good task to have ;) I'll drink to that for sure. Here' to 2010 being the year of the eagle.
over 10 years ago
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Yes, Silky. ;) Maybe not a task but a opportunity to live & experience the joys of life in presence . Soaring Silky.:)
over 10 years ago
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Great, I believe you can "fly"! Add oil
over 10 years ago


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