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Why I do not like Christmas (and other celebration days)

Tonight I took myself some to think over why I do not like to celebrate Christmas and other family events..and I think I found the reasons for it:

My father and my mom do not live together anymore in the house I spent most of my youth. My mom decided to leave my dad for her own sake (this is another story) several years ago - which was a good decision so far - and they finally decided to sell the house because my dad moved to his significant other he met after my mum left him.

So in the house where we used to celebrate there lives another couple now...and the family I am used to does not exist in this constellation anymore ...that's why  I prefer to spend Christmas on my own (maybe with my bf) rather than with my mum or my dad - and avoid as much as I can everything that has to do with this event  .....So I do not have a home I can go back to  if I need it....

Anyone remember this video Will C. from MadeinHK made for me out of my pics last Christmas??

(this is the blog I wrote about this collaboration)

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Your mum will be so lonely. Can your outting includes her too?
over 11 years ago
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jah jah...You do as you feel best and relax.. the point of christmas is to have good time and relax... did I say relax?
over 11 years ago
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oh...just checked the video.oh...I read this blog while watching that video...I feel something sad...my point is...I think this video goes with your blog story super good^^
over 11 years ago
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hey silky! how are you doing? i am doing great. :P sorry to hear about your parents separating :( i think you'll have fun celebrating christmas with your hubby, but what about your mom? include her in, its christmas no one wants to be alone :) the past is the past, isn't it time to change? :) have fun silky!
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You still have family. You just can't replicate your childhood. Make your own new traditions. Here's something we do which defines the holidays for us. My son and I are in our 25th year of making and distributing killer egg nog to family and friends. Since my dad died we don't do the holidays at my mom's. Things change and we must change with them.
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I feel for you. My reason for hiding from the holiday is somewhat similar except...well, I don't have a real family. They say that sometime it's healthy to spend the holiday however way you want it and not traditional obligation. I sincerely hope this year, you get to spend it with that lovely person that seem to make you really happy lately :-)
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hi silke, im so sorry to hear dat...but everyone need love and we need to move on.. I feel for U... hugzzz..tak care hope u celebraTe christmass with fun tak care
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Wow , I just now read this. Before that ---wrote a blog on home. You are welcome to be part of our home Silky. If we can somehow help you to like Christmas let us know. Maybe stare @ the sunrise in the a.m. & watch the sun glow of the snow. In care.
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omg... anyway dear.. dun be sad ok.. we all r here to celeb with u..n visit ur mom if u r free.. ok
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