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Where is she???

"Where the hell is  she?" you may have asked yourself the past days. And I think it is time that "she" lets you know why

I started to pick up a job at a friend's consulting and trading firm, which I hesitated to pick up for a long time but finally decided that this will be good for me. I can try out new things, help with my knowledge and skills in other things, have some fun also and make some money too . We still have to negotiate all details and see if we get some subsidies from the unemployment office because he definitely cannot pay my previous salary just for fun.

Beneath all that I do a seminar about event planning at the weekends , but it's worth the knowledge I get there...

So now you know, where "she" is

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wow.. that's good you have something to get busy at :D missed you :D
over 10 years ago
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Keep going. This will get you back on track again.
over 10 years ago
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Silke this is great news and I wish you all the best for it, do keep us updated.
over 10 years ago
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Working is good.
over 10 years ago


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