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What happened to our community on AnD?

what happened to our community we started of as the JetLi-website got integrated into AnD?

not only that I really miss our funny chats in the shoutbox I also noticed that many people on my friendlist are not active here anymore. To many I am still connected on facebook, though it is not the same

Anyway a happy new year to everyone

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Hmmmmmmm......... yes, I'm too!!!!!! I'm also missing a lot of friends here!!!!!!! I'm too, I'm also missing funny chats here in sb!!!!! Yes, anyway, we should be happy that all our friend may be very busy on their life!!!! hehehehe........ and yes................. You've got a dream "in me"!!! a very merry happy new year to you too!!!!!!!! ;)
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Happy new year, lady!!!! How sweet of you to email me :-) Can't really say what happened to AnD. I myself actually stopped posting on AnD because life was speeding up scary fast. Catching up on those endless feeds during downtimes, more often than not, took too long to follow up with a decent post. Not to forget, AnD is not the only site I'm following, there are job-related newsfeeds, other social media sites, emails, and texts to reply to. My online-self is pretty much mute nowadays. There's just too much to absorb. If it's not job-related I'm keeping it low-impact - a little pinteresting, that's it. But whatever I'm up to (or rather NOT up to) , I'm always happy to hear from you. :-) Hugs!
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Happy New Year Silky!! Yes I miss it too....am always on Facebook now and I think AnD was unique for its time for some of us to share life in a different way. It can still happen of course...I plan to update my blog soon with new info over the past year with things I'd been up to... :)
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I miss you all of you!
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