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Your Life Path Number is 1Your purpose in life is to lead others.

You have great drive and determination. Nothing is going to stand in your way.

You seek out challenges and the spotlight. You'll take all the work - and all the glory.

Status and success are important to you. You demand the best from everyone and everything.

In love, you tend to take a protective role. You enjoy being the provider in relationships.

You expect others to be like you, and as a result, you are often disappointed.

A little selfish and vain, you always put yourself first.

Remember, everyone already knows you're great - you don't need to remind themWhat Is Your Life Path Number? That's better:

Your Power Element is WaterYour power colors: blue and aqua

Your energy: deep

Your season: winter 

Like the ocean, you evoke deep feelings and passion.

You have an emotional, sensitive, and spiritual soul.

A bit mysterious, you tend to be quiet when you are working out a problem.

You need your alone time, so that you can think and dream.What's Your Power Element?

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I love these types of things and being inspired by you I will post mine.....smooches
over 11 years ago
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Definitely don't see the selfish qualities that your life path says you have! Water's good!
over 11 years ago
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what Is my life path number? i think is work .........
over 11 years ago
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:-) I still somewhat believe your power element is fire because in a way, you're fierce and spicy when you need to especially when come to business. Thanks for sharing :)
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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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