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the lost years

After being back on track I really feel as if I lost several years. I talk about the years between graduation from university  at the end of 2003 and getting the first proper job at the beginning of 2007. I didn't feel as if I lived. It rather feels as if I existed/survived somehow...

I want to forget them, leave them behind, but they just stroke back on me these days...not only looking through the boxes I packed when I left  Kiel almost three years ago but also my financial situation. After having it checked yesterday evening I did not only notice that I could not go on holidays as plannd in June (I'm soooo sorry Jani, Tiia, Jarkko and Jaana ) but that there will be some tough months ahead...the move was just too expensive .

Maybe I should have stayed longer at my mum's place and save more money, but I simply could not stand it one more day there . The apartment simply got too small for both of us .

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Hang in there dear sis. You have an amazing space now and lots to look forward too. If it make you feel any better. Since my second Master in 2000, I haven't done much....feel like I'm spinning the hamster wheel. *HUGS*
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Silky, don't try hard to forgot the past, just let it be. I write something to you in my blog named "In Response to My Friend Silky’s 'The Lost Years'". Check it out in my page, dear. And add oil (加油 in Chinese)~~~
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hahaha...Silke.....cheers dont be sad...now u free to do whatever u want... u could try and go some other time regarding ur holiday plan..
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Sometimes things don't go like we want to. I know that feeling too well... You have a little bit rough time now but I really think moving in your own home makes other things much easier... It might also improve your relationship to your mom. And we are not going anywhere, there will be other summers. And maybe we get the chance to come there for a visit some day. :D It's so funny how things has this amazing ability to work out, so don't worry too much. Hugs and strength my dear friend. :)
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Silky.. you don't know the HALF of what I've had to deal with in the past, as well as what I'm having to deal with presently.. just bear up, be strong, and move ahead :)
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You had to do the move for yourself, it was neccesary for your sanity. You'll be able to go on holiday soon, perhaps next year. I am sure everyone unerstands. This is a new start for you, a chance to begin afresh.
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Arg...money problems....I hear ya! But everything good has to be balanced with a little bit of bad, just as long as the bad is tolerable. You'll get through it, though. =)
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You made it thru that time & came out in a better place because you kept striving & didn't give up. That shows how really strong you are! Time now to enjoy how far you've come. :)
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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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