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the drama around my boyfriends kids (2) - the drama continues

As I told you before, my bf's son has a lot of problems with his mothers style of education.

Beginning of August, the whole situation escalated. After one more fight between my bfs son and his mother they brought him to children psychatric hospital where he is up to now. My bf used to him there every second day. End of August my bf had some days off and took the opportunity to talk to the children care, but was kinda disappointed because the responsible clerk didn't really read all the papers from previous cases with the children's mother which were being sent to him by my bfs parents.

 He also wanted to visit his son at hospital this week and asked the clerk and the psychologist at hospital about it. Both of them agreed to the visit. But they forgot to tell him that he also has to call and get the approval from the mother's side because she has the childrens custody. So the mother refused to agree and forbid any contact to the son. She even forbid him to talk to his daughter. So sent a fax to the childrens care and asked for a statement. But all the offered to my bf were moderated negotiations.

My bf refused this offer because he knew from the beginning that this would not be sustainable and he still would be exposed to the mothers moods and tyranny. He and his parents also started to look for a lawyer to go to court and fight for his right to see his children regularly independent from the mothers mood.

End of September he suddenly got a call from the sons psychatrist at hospital that she wanted to talk to him. She also said that the mother agreed to this, but we think at either the psychatrist and/or the clerk from childrens care put pressure on her. His brother drove him to the appointment and he also had the opportunity to see his son for half an hour. His son gets treatet with Retaline on maximum dosis which makes him apathic and he also lost some weight. He visits school there and also participates in therapy. My bf went back on calling him every second day though the conversations with this son are kind of monsyllabic due to the medication.

My bfs son should not get back to his mother but get into special care, somethings like a residential community. The hospital is still waiting for the agreement of the childrens care officials for this. So we wait and hope that he gets there soon and we can still visit him there.

We will definitely go to court once my bfs son is in this residential community.

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Wow. What a really difficult situation for you and your boyfriend. Good luck. I hope that the kids get what they need--good care, proper psychological & physical help, and visiting rights to see their father. ::hugs::
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so sorry to hear your b/f's son is having these difficulties, hope things will work out.
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I hope your bfs son gets into special care and gets the treatment he needs, it must be very hard for you both right now, I can't believe how bad the mother is behaving. She certainly doesn't sound to be a good help for her son either. Take Care
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