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Sometimes I wonder if or when I will ever reach a stage in my life where I simply feel satisfied with my life and the things I achieved and just want to leave it the way it is? Or will I be someone aiming for new goal as soon as I reached another one?

What keeps you going??

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For me, there must be a purpose according to God's will in the things I do.
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hello. i really do not know how to answer that. but i can be sure about one thing. that is, without a purpose, a goal, i'll feel disconnected from other people. i'll just drift by aimlessly around the same people and talk about the same things. hm.. maybe it's best to have different goals at different times. that way we'll be able to experience more different things/situations.
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He gives me a reason to face each day with a smile, he gives me a reason why I have to keep going, He is mine and I am his. but a holiday on a secluded beach with zero population cud give me a 1000 more reasons aka goals hehehehehe
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being ambitious is important thing at the certain life stage,isn't it?so...how long is your satisfied feeling gonna be last?me...I am a kind of person easily can get satisfaction and easily forget about what I've got:P
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Remembering that there is more to life, and this is really a dress rehearsal for me until I spend eternity with Jesus.
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Right now I'm asking the same question sis. I think that at some point, we realize there's no such thing as end-of-the-tunnel may be? For me, I think I lost the sense of direction and/or too tired and the satisfaction is just a way to stop and stand still...
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If human catch he's/hers goals, the life suddenly would become boring. the dreams and goals are meant to set high enough that you have always something to reach in your life. of course that does not fit to mi, I just flow in mi own ego and hope to someday that flow get me somewhere warm...
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very good question! a question that i also ask myself all the time... this is a theory my friend told me: if you see a ghost, don't be scared. just ask yourself what you are afraid of most, seeing a ghost or having no money. i am not a greedy fella that just thinks about money, but money is what will help me survive, in turn give me a good life. so i always keep pushing yourself to the next level and think of my friend's theory when in doubt. =P
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hmm what keeps you going? u have energy!!!! :P
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I don't remember what keeps me going. THat's what keeps me going: trying to remember. I'm sure there was something...sometimes, after a few drinks I remember, like a moment of clarity and it all becomes clear to me what I am doing. Usually by the morning I can't remember what it was. Maybe one day I will wake up and be able to remember and I will realise it is a wild goose chase. In the meantime, until then, I keep going...just in case!!
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Another thought on this subject, from the Lyrics of the GREAT Arthur Lee, (RIP): I'd like to understand just why, I feel like I have been through hell, Yet you tell me I haven't even started yet To live here, you got to give more than you get, As I know, But I think it's alriight!!
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Live and let live... 无狎其所居,无厌其所生 (Lao-tzu) Past is what does not hurt anymore (Emmanuel Kant)

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