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setting priorities..

My jobcoach gave me a tough ride this morning and gave me a whole bunch of homework (a lot of selfanalyses) to do and she forces me to check for jobads again (just to analyse them though)...something I totally cannot stand since I got dismissed. She also gave me the advice to postpone plans for my own company because of my bad financial situation...but things run pretty good now ...seems like I have to make a decision sooner or later...

On the one hand I long for financial security but on the other hand I do not want a boring job anymore...

WHY can't there be a simple solution out there ?!?!?!

SOOOO sick and tired of this year!

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Firce moi
Girl, this year hasn't been a good year for NO body except them rich fat dudes and rich brats like ms Hilton&co T_T So hang in there and don't give up, I know words are easy to say but I hope one day you will look back and laugh about it. Cheer up and keep reaching for the stars, may God help you. Much love, Zainati/xxx
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oh! sorry to hear the news,,, But I hoped that u be fine & felt better now. Never give up,,,
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don't worry ,I wish your everything will be good very soon !!! ..tomorrow year your life will be better ..hehe..I'm sorry that you can't read my chinese words ,next time I will write with English..hehe...
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Silky, I do not know your beliefs. But financial security is a blessing if you trust in God. Why don't you find a job that will suit you to serve other people. The more you serve others you will be blessed in all ways, dear.
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Hang in there Silk. I honestly didn't think the coach is useful. It might even better that you make your own choice and decision cuz you're doing great at it so far....
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ahmm.. get a Guinness, that will help.
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