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out of balance

because of a lot of incidents in Dec up to last week...my body finally went on strike with painful back cramps on the past two nights and together with a lot of crying.. the past few weeks everytime I hardly found back my balance I got the next kick out of it....left work earlier today and going to see a doctor tomorrow morning in order to get my painkiller and maybe go on sickleave for the rest of the week...and also see my therapist on wednesday...hope she can help me to find my balance back...

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That's a setback. Ohhh, no pun intended. Hope it gets better soon. Are chiropractors popular in Germany? My cousin is one and all my family members swear by her. I, on the other hand, would have to be hemorrhaging before I'd see a doctor. In the last month, I've sent three friends to her and they all are better after only two weeks of visits.
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oh silky~I knew you're very busy these days...specially its cold time.you need to take care of your body first^^I hate thinking this...but sometimes I do feel like..am I getting old??haha;P lets have a healthy life~me too yeah!!
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Oh . . . . . Hope your ok ! ! Hope too hear you got better.
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Aw, I'm sorry :( i pray for a quick healing!
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Please take care of yourself and feel better soon. If you need anything from the US, menthol oil, etc, drop me an email 'kay sis. This is NOT good.
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Silke 'm sorry to here of your pain I hope you feel much better soon, look after yourself, you're a very important person to us
over 11 years ago
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Hi girl, How are feeling now? I hope you get better soon. Take care and take it easy! xox
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