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new business opportunity

Yesterday I was out for lunch with a friend and publisher of an exclusive international promotion magazine called Who's Who Magazine. If you havent heard about it yet, don't worry, you cannot buy it at store. It only gets distributed to very exclusive clients within Europe and all over the world. I managed to get one of our bigger projects in the recent issue and we agreed to get also other contacts of mine into the next special issue. We also agreed that she's going to pay me a certain percentage of the fee per site a company has to pay. I am just not sure how much I should request....maybe between 5% for an indirect contact and 10% for a direct contact when they agree to get pubished in the magazine - what do you think??? Sounds like only a pocket money for me but I won't have that much work with it and it would be enough to help me out of my financial shortage at first .

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Does this fall into breach of company policy as your contacts would have included those who are your clients?
over 11 years ago
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No, these contacts are independent...
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sound like a great opportunity for you! Congratuation! hrmm... 5% for indirect.. 10% for direct... I think personally, you should ask higher like 10% indirect 15% direct, cause they're going to negoitate.
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umm... i might be wrong tho about the negoitating part.
over 11 years ago
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Thumbs up, lady! :-)))))
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yea sounds not bad silky~.if you have time to do this job, I think you should do this.is it gonna give you some worthful experience?not just money right?dunnno..if its just for money,its interesting enough^^
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do u know if this is circulated in hk, singapore and china? do help bridge the contact as it will prove useful for my job (i m in PR). thanks. = )
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I have no idea what's a proper percentage to ask for....sounds like a good business prop for you, though!
over 11 years ago
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let me know if i can help ... I'm in this space ...
over 11 years ago
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what i meant is one of my businesses is related to advertising and vip client services ... if you want i can send you the websites and you can take a look on your spare time
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