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how a depression comes around...

Something I've learned from my therapy at hospital is, that you can drop into a depression when your survival package and patterns - wherever and however you got them - do not match to your current life situation anymore and lead you into distress or a dead end. Then it is time to think them over and learn new ones 

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That's it. Learn new ones because the old ones just become habit -- the more you experience it the more habit-forming it becomes. I am convinced of this. Depressions have the same effect as a drug IMO. The brain becomes used to them, it creates neural pathways that become as entrenched as the pyramids. Always there, always ready to take over at the first sign of stress or dissonance. It's the "go-to" emotional state the more frequently it is experienced. That's why I think it's important to fight it, stop it, before "it" becomes "you." It's hard. I am glad to see you are fighting it now.
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hey...Silky Long time no see,how's everything ? I wish u be fine & feel better Take care!!
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That's a really good way of seeing how depression comes around. I hope things are going well for you Silke. Take Good Care.
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Very nice, Silky! But I know this man who is extremely wise & he can't share his great wisdom with anyone. They say he is over qualified & he gets a chemical imbalance from this--dissapproval of others--hes tried & tried . I have never met someone so intelligent--he is middle eastern & he sees you even when not looking straight @ you.
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Yeah learning about new things is good~
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