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Hello Guys,

I am doing fine so far. As the therapy usually takes 8 weeks I'll be in hospital till beginning of July. The various therapies I have make me think a lot and are able to heal a lot of wounds and make you aware what went wrong in the past, especially in my childhood and teenage-times. I also have a lot of sports here, feel like being in a training camp. We do Badminton, back training, rowing (on machines), relaxation (Jacobson method), hiking and other therapy-oriented stuff.

I cannot be online a lot, as I online have two free mornings a week where I can use a computer and it costs 1 Euro an hour . So mostly I use my mobile which I got back after three weeks.

It is really relaxing not being available at all. I only called my mum, my dad and a good friend so far. My mum already visited me and tomorrow I will go to frankfurt to pick up some more stuff, especially summer clothes which I forgot. On Sunday I will go for a hike with a fellow from another unit because we want to escape the trouble of the public day here.

My favourite therapy is music therapy which is just amazing. Though you cannot play an instrument you can transmit emotions to your fellows in the class. And therapist is just great. Also our sports therapist is great. She seems to love her job.

As we have no TV (only one TV on another unit), we do a lot of games and reading in the evening and watch a movie twice a week, or we celebrate birthdays and farewells, as every week a few people come and go.

We already did a lot of crazy things like mud battles in a small river close by and a battle with chocolate marshmallows....adults really turn into kids when they find back happiness in their life...

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I am glad to hear you are feeling better. You really need a rest every now and then to put things in perspective. Looking forward to seeing you in the SB when you can make it! Take care!
about 10 years ago
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I'm glad to hear that the therapy is helping you dear. It was great catching up with you in SB! Don't worry I'll give your greetings to everyone in person! :) Take care and Come back to us Healthy and Happy! Love ya Silky! don't forget to smile and laugh! :)
about 10 years ago
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You are confronting this directly and intensively. This is your time. You have worked hard for other people now work hard for yourself. XO
about 10 years ago
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Wish there is such a service here too! Awesome to be kept away from the outside world for a while. What kind of institute are you staying in? Does it cost a lot?
about 10 years ago
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Thanks for checking in and updating us. I'm glad to hear it's going well and helping. I'm proud of you. *HUG*
about 10 years ago
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Great to hear how things are going Silke, like flagday says you worked hard for others, now it's your time
about 10 years ago
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glad to hear you have relaxing time for 8 weeks. sounds very nice. Take a good rest.
about 10 years ago
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All the BEST, Silky.
about 10 years ago
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jollygood.. it's good to hear from you, I've been wondering about you.
about 10 years ago
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Dear, really good to know you're doing really well~keep on these sports & "therapy" back to daily life:)
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